• How much is tan?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 6, 2013
    How much is tan?

    Summer always attracts us with its sunny warm days, beautiful and vibrant nature. And, of course, we also love summer because it is possible to go to the sea or river and soak in the sun for a bit. But how much is tan? This is a difficult question. It all depends on how you purchased it, what means you used and what type of skin you have.

    Beach tan

    Of course, do not think that your tan will last until the next vacation. It is not real. It is possible to support him, if only to go to the solarium and there, in the future to get a tan. How much your tan keeps, you should understand from your own experience. That is, to notice every year, the time for which you have saved a summer or sea tan. It can only be noted that dark skin "holds" a tan much more than "white" and is not so susceptible to the burning summer saline.

    Instant tan

    Instant tan. How much is held on the skin - it all depends on the type of skin and the means used in the salon, the number of sessions held also plays a big role.If you are a lover of dark and saturated tan, then it is better to do this procedure several times, maybe three - four. Most likely, even in the salon you will be told that one session will make your skin darker, only for two weeks and not more. Another very important thing - instant tan and facial skin. You yourself know that the skin of the face, we are women, is much more often used: make-up, creams, washing, other useful procedures, so an instant tan will last on the face for no more than ten days.


    Some of the females prefer trips to the solarium. How much does a tan made under the lamps hold on? It is very important to understand that you should not overdo it with a tan in a tanning salon, and you should consult a doctor before visiting it. The tan itself lasts about two weeks. And as soon as your skin will be updated, then the tan will go. But to maintain your tan, just visit this salon once or twice.

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