• How not to burn in the sun?

    Arriving at the resort, most people, barely having time to settle on the spot, immediately rush to the beach, staying in joyful anticipation of a long-awaited meeting with the warm sea, white sand and gentle southern sun. We must remember that the summer sun in combination with the sea is a very insidious thing. A cool breeze sweeps your hot body, and you yourself do not notice how your skin begins to slowly burn, and the so-called hard part of the spectrum of ultraviolet radiation, reflected by the sea surface, further aggravates the situation. Therefore, if you don’t want to catch up with boiled cancer on the first evening of your holiday, and then toss and turn all night in bed, not knowing how to arrange your burning body more comfortably, you must follow certain rules of tanning.

    How not to burn on the beach: tips

    • Even before a trip to the sea, it would be useful to visit the solarium several times if possible, in order to prepare your skin for the upcoming sunbathing a little.
    • Sunbathing should be only in the morning and dawn hours.The time from 11 to 16 o'clock in the afternoon is better to devote to other activities, such as excursions or rest in the shade of the trees.
    • Going to the beach, it is imperative to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics, toilet water and deodorants. The substances contained in them have a sensitizing effect on the skin and increase its sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.
    • Choose a special protective cream that suits your skin type and apply it 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun so that it can be absorbed well. For light-eyed, white-skinned people, blond and red-haired, you should first choose a cream with a high protection factor (from 15 to 30 units), people with natural dark complexion and brown eyes will have enough cream with a factor from 5 to 10 units. Every one and a half to two hours the cream on the body must be renewed, as its effect weakens over time.
    • After bathing, it is impossible to stay wet for a long time, since water droplets on the body act like tiny lenses - focus the sun's rays on the surface of your skin. Therefore, it is better to wipe off immediately with a towel.

    Now that you knowhow not to burn in the sun and get a golden beautiful tan, it is worthwhile to talk separately about the first beach access of the season, because the first day, as everyone knows, is always the most important.

    How not to burn in the sun on the first day

    On the first day you should sunbathe in the morning when the sun has not yet entered full strength. Smear the body with a protective cream and stay in the sun for about five minutes if you have soft, very fair skin, and no more than fifteen minutes if you are dark-skinned by nature. After that, go to the shade, where you sit for about half an hour. Then you can once again bask in the sun for no more than a quarter of an hour, and on this the first beach exit must be completed. Sunbathing is better not lying, but in motion. For example, wander along the seashore or play beach volleyball - this way the sun will more evenly illuminate various parts of your body. In the following days, the time spent on the beach can be gradually increased, bringing it to three to four hours a day.

    If you follow all these simple guidelines, sunburn will not threaten you. However, none of us, alas, is immune from accidents.You can, for example, inadvertently fall asleep on the beach and in the evening find that the skin was very red, and in the worst case it was even blistered.

    Man burned in the sun, what to do?

    • Excellent remedy for sunburn can be prepared from ordinary raw potatoes. To do this, it must be cleaned, washed and grated on the smallest grater. The resulting puree should be lubricated burned places and keep it there before drying, then wash off the field with cool water.
    • Perhaps the most well-known remedy for the treatment of sunburn is dairy products. In the case you can start up and sour cream, and kefir, and yogurt - in a word, what you currently have at your fingertips. If you smear the affected places with one of these tools, the pain will soon subside and the heat will go away.
    • To remove the heat and relieve pain burned in the skin of the sun will help ordinary laundry soap. Foam the soap, apply a thick foam on the affected areas and hold it there until it dries. After that you can take a cool shower.
    • Gruel of grated fresh cucumber, applied to the burnt places, relieves inflammation and moisturizes burnt dried skin.

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