• How not to fall asleep?

    Perhaps every adult, at least sometimes, but you have to stay awake throughout the night. If the need for sleepless nights is associated with work and occurs regularly, then the best advice would be to maintain a proper lifestyle, a healthy diet, a competent alternation of rest, including active, and, of course, good sleep just before you start shift.

    People are creatures daytime and an unprepared body requires sleep at night, so this article will look at how not to fall asleep if you need to do some work at night, prepare for exams, or spend the night at the wheel, but didn’t sleep well the day before.

    How to stay awake at night

    • First of all, the protein - carbohydrate diet will help maintain vigor, namely, on the eve of a sleepless night during the day, it is necessary to take alternately carbohydrates and proteins every three hours, which will help maintain blood sugar levels, thereby maintaining a bright consciousness for longer.
    • For some time, a cup of coffee or tea will help keep you awake, while good green tea collected from the tops of the bush can be much more invigorating than the strongest natural coffee.However, in order not to harm your health, you should not abuse these drinks, otherwise tremor of the extremities, dizziness, overexcitement of the nervous system, increased breathing and pulse can begin.
    • Not the best, but effective way to stay without sleep for a long time is the reception of non-alcoholic energy drinks. It should be noted that you should not drink more than two jars, otherwise the body will receive an overdose, which leads to very unpleasant consequences.
    • 5-8 tablets of succinic acid, which you need to drink, when you feel that it inexorably pulls you to sleep, help some to preserve vitality. For the same purpose, you can buy and caffeine tablets, but here it is necessary to remember about overdose.

    In addition to the above, there are other ways to stay the night without sleep, while without using any drinks or drugs:

    • Inhale the aroma of ground coffee or aromatic oils, such as peppermint, fir or eucalyptus. Excellent help in this case and the smell of ammonia.
    • Massage the cheeks, forehead, neck, head and ears, it will help disperse the blood and gain vigor.

    These simple methods will help to maintain a clear mind for a long time, however, as well as those that will be described below.

    Have you ever wondered how not to fall asleep at work during the day, when your eyes stick together, and you want to lean your head on some surface, despite the already drunk coffee? If so, read the following tips:

    • If there is a possibility, then you need to go to fresh air or at least ventilate the room, which will saturate the brain cells and your lungs with oxygen.
    • Wash with cold water or spray your face with special thermal water, which is sold in cosmetic stores. By the way, light sprays will not spoil the make-up, but only refresh the face, and once again powder, it will not be difficult.
    • To do exercises and stretching exercises, if it is impossible to do this in the workroom, you can go to the rest room or to the toilet.
    • Eat a slice of chocolate, which will work as an antidepressant and increase the production of endorphins and serotonin in the body.

    Separately, I want to dwell on the topic of how not to fall asleep at the wheel, because a huge number of accidents happen because the driver accidentally dozed off.In principle, the above described methods will help the car enthusiast, but there are some more important tips:

    • At night, it is better to go with a companion, with whom you should definitely lead an exciting lively conversation, while the interlocutor should not be allowed to sleep, or else there is a risk to fall asleep “for company”.
    • If there is no companion, then you need to listen to audiobooks and your favorite music, while, so that the melody does not envelop consciousness, it is worth switching on the radio tape recorder of the radio station from live music to the station where an interesting topic is discussed.
    • Every 200 km. it is worth stopping and getting out of the car to warm up, get some fresh air and maybe even have a snack and drink coffee.
    • On the way, you can chew mint gum or suck on sour candy.
    • If inexorably pulls to sleep and all ways of maintaining vigor no longer work, even if there is no time at all, it is better to stop and take at least 15 minutes to take a nap, after which you can continue on your way.

    So, the night without sleep is experienced.

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