• How old can a child watch TV?

    Many parents include cartoons in front of their one-year-old children so that they can safely go about their business. However, not many people come to mind that the rapid flickering of frames and the loud sound negatively affect the nervous system of the baby.
    Also, parents often do not control what looks at their child. As a result, violations from violence and other negative things that come from the TV screen occur in the child�s psyche. In addition, vision suffers greatly.
    Therefore, children, from one and a half to two years, can watch TV for no more than twenty minutes a day and only under the supervision of adults. Of course, it should be only cartoons, children's programs and films about animals. It is worth noting that viewing the programs about the life of animals is the most useful for the child.
    For children of four years of age, television is only interested in the movement that takes place on the screen. They cannot yet distinguish between the real and the imaginary.Starting at the age of six, the child already compares himself with his favorite characters and imitates them.
    At seven, children learn to relate images and plots from the screen to the real state of things. By the age of eight, they represent time and space. By the age of ten, children can already analyze. They learn to defend their opinions, to argue. From now on, the content of what he saw is most important for the child. At this age, they are sure that they can do without the control of adults.
    The child himself chooses the transfer. Optionally takes breaks between views. However, parents still have to watch what the child is interested in and how much time he spends in front of the TV.
    In many families, the TV works even when it is not watched. This is a constant noise and voltage. As a result, adults and children feel irritated, overworked. In addition, the child has the opportunity to watch what he wants at any time. Therefore, train yourself to turn on the TV only when necessary.
    Now preschoolers spend more time at the screen than with family and peers. Many parents are quite satisfied with this state of affairs, because the baby does not distract from affairs, does not scatter toys.
    Such an attitude can lead to sad consequences.Children have a lag in speech, absent-mindedness. The child ceases to perceive information by ear, there is attention deficit disorder. He is no longer interested in creative activity.

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