• How peanuts grow

    Planting peanuts

    Growing peanuts in the southern regions can be done in open ground. Since late April, unroasted beans are placed in a saucer and wrapped in a damp cloth to obtain germinated seeds. The tissue is moistened periodically. After about 10 days, you can repot the shoots directly on the garden bed.
    If it is decided to use seedlings for growing, germinated beans are transplanted into paper cups and for 2 weeks they keep sprouts in a place well lit and heated by the sun's rays. Then the plants are carefully transplanted into the open ground.
    Peanut loves loose soft soil. Therefore, a prerequisite for the cultivation of peanuts is carefully loosened and cleared of weeds from the ground. The beans are planted at a depth of 10 cm at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. Between the rows, 60-70 cm passages are left. Germinated peanuts are planted at an air temperature of 20 degrees. The earth should warm up to 15 degrees.
    If the ground is not warm enough, the beans will rot.With hard soil, the ovary will not be able to dig into the ground and the peanuts will not ripen. The site on which the plant is placed should be well lit throughout the day.

    Plant care

    Throughout the time of growing peanuts, it is necessary to regularly loosen the soil, remove weeds and scare away birds. Weeding is best done after rain or watering. Since potatoes, peanuts from the moment of formation of the ovaries are subjected to periodic hilling.
    Watering the plant often should not be, because peanuts do not like overmoistened soil. The main thing is that the soil does not dry out. Watering increases during the flowering period, performing it at least 3-4 times a month. By the end of the growing season, watering the plants is stopped.
    As fertilizer, mineral fertilizers are used, which are applied to the soil 3 times throughout the season. As a rule, fertilizing is performed during the formation of leaves, buds and fruit ovaries.

    How to collect peanuts

    Harvesting is carried out when the air temperature for several days does not exceed 10 degrees. The ground at this point should be fairly dry, and the leaves on the bushes - yellow. The bush is broken in and taken out of the ground.To delay harvesting should not be, as in this case, almost all the fruits will remain in the ground.
    Bushes are folded in a sunny area or in a ventilated room to dry the beans. The drying process lasts 10-12 days until the bob begins to boom when shaken.

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