• How to apply shellac?

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    How to apply shellac?

    If you want to have a perfect manicure and at the same time do not increase nails, you need to think about how to apply shellac. Shellac is a modern coating of the nail plate, which can hold on the nails for up to 14 days. This tool is applied in the same way as ordinary varnish, but for curing it is dried in an ultraviolet lamp. The article provides step-by-step instructions for applying shellac.

    Applying shellac

    It should be noted that the creation of an original shellac-coated manicure occurs in several stages.

    Preparation of the nail plate

    Before applying shellac at home, you need to do a manicure in the way that you do it before the usual nail polishing. It is also necessary to polish the surface of the nail with a nail file (the grain of the nail file should be 180/180) and create the shape of the nail plate.

    Fat removal

    After the manicure is done and the nails are polished, it is necessary to figure out how to apply shellac correctly.The first thing to do is to remove the fatty coating of the nail and all the small particles that remain after grinding. Make it a special degreaser, which can be purchased at a specialty store. This stage should be given special attention, since when even the slightest drop of fat or any particles hit, the coating will not last long. Next you need to apply bonder-gel.

    Base coat

    Before applying the colored gel nail plate must be covered with a transparent base gel (base). After that, the base should be dried in a 36-watt UV lamp for 1 minute or more. The adhesive layer is not removed from the base coat.

    Color Coating

    A colored layer is applied to the prepared adhesive base. It is applied in the same way as ordinary varnish, i.e. with a brush from the bottle. After the nails of one hand are varnished, the hand must be placed in the lamp and dried for a few minutes. The layer of shellac should be thin, without stains and streaks. Otherwise lacquer clots may appear, which after drying will look inaccurate.

    Next, you need to varnish the nails of the other hand and do the same. The number of layers depends on the desired result: the more layers, the richer the color. The maximum number of layers is 3. After drying, each layer is treated with a degreasing agent. Thus, shellac can be applied to the nails.

    Finish coat

    At the very end, the shellac must be treated with a fixing agent: seal the tips of the nail plates and cover the nails with an agent that also dries in the lamp. And to soften the cuticles must be treated with special oil. Adhering to the instructions, you can apply shellac at home.

    Effects of shellac

    In addition to the positive aspects of this coverage, there are also negative ones:

    • weakening of the nail cover;
    • exfoliation of the nails;
    • pain when pressing on the nail.

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