• How to assemble a crib?

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    How to assemble a crib?

    Professional furniture assemblers are invited to assemble a wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, but parents of the future baby can independently figure out how to make a crib. To do this, you only need to study the instructions and prepare the necessary tools for assembly.

    Collect beds on wheels

    In order to assemble a crib, you must prepare:

    • instruction;
    • screwdrivers;
    • disassembled bed;
    • screws;
    • screw plugs;
    • the cloth.

    Crib assembly:

    1. First we make a surface on which we will assemble the crib, with a light cloth or paper. This is done in order not to scratch the details of the bed or not to lose the screws.
    2. We connect the fixed rear wall with the side walls of the bedCribscrews that are included. To do this, you will need four screws, two on the left and right sides.
    3. Install the bed cot. In some models, it can go in one piece. In this case, just fasten it to the base. If the bed is a transverse boards that are fastened with a special cord, then insert them into the appropriate grooves of the rear wall and a special separate bar.Then slightly screwed, but do not fasten them.
    4. We insert the front movable wall into special guide openings located on the side walls and fix all the details with screws.
    5. If the bed is on wheels, turn it over and fasten the wheels in the designated place. In this case, it can be moved from place to place. If the bed will stand in one place, then the wheels can not be fixed.

    Pendulum crib

    The pendulum crib is a type of baby bedding that allows you to rock the baby to the left and right and back and forth. Among the advantages of this device, you can highlight the ability to rock the baby right in the crib, which will help the baby to quickly adapt to a new place.

    The disadvantages include:

    • high cost;
    • the possibility of injury to the child if the pendulum system is not fixed in time;Crib
    • getting used to constant motion sickness, many children subsequently do not fall asleep at all without first rocking, which creates additional difficulties.

    Assembling the pendulum crib

    If you purchased a pendulum bed, then it can be assembled as follows:

    1. The first three collection points coincide with the collection points of the crib on wheels.
    2. Before proceeding with the installation of the “pendulum” system, we install a linen shelf (if it is included), and only after that the front side part.
    3. We put a cot on the pendulum, for this we fasten the plates to the side walls.
    4. Then we install the bearing systems and install the clips.
    5. For beauty, all the screws can be hidden behind the plugs.

    Choice of baby cot

    If you want to choose a good bed you need to consider the following points:

    1. The crib should be safe: no sharp corners and raw parts.
    2. A cot should be made of quality material (a quality certificate should be requested from the seller).
    3. Also, it should be comfortable, and the bed - the required size.
    4. The mattress should be made from natural ingredients.

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