• How to assemble the gearbox?

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    How to assemble the gearbox?

    VAZ cars, starting from 2108 and ending with 2115, have quite similar gearboxes, which may differ in small design features. This allows you to easily check and repair any of them according to the general algorithm. This will help you our article How to check the gearbox.

    It is worth considering that spare parts must be purchased exclusively for your model of gearbox, only in this way you will be completely sure that all components are compatible.

    During the disassembly of the transmission, it is necessary to remember the attachment points of all the shafts, the location of the bearings and gears to facilitate the assembly as much as possible. The best way to document the entire process is to take a photo. Mark each part to be removed and take a picture of its position in the device in order to easily go through the gearbox and repair it.

    How to collect / sort out the gearbox from VAZ 21099 and similar models?

    Before proceeding to assembly, thoroughly wash all parts with kerosene - this will allow you to check them for cracks, chips and other signs of wear.After this, replace the damaged parts with new ones. In addition, after disassembly, it is desirable to replace all the seals, as well as the bearing, which were removed from the primary and secondary shafts during disassembly.

    The gearbox assembly consists of the following steps:

    1. First, press the glands back into the transmission housing using a special mandrel;
    2. The bearings of the primary and secondary shafts are pressed into place in the clutch housing;
    3. Lubricate the mounted parts with special gear oil for your gearbox;
    4. Clamp the outer rings of the bearings;
    5. Insert the gearshift rod into the groove on the crankcase and attach a lever to it;
    6. Tighten the lever fixing bolt with a little effort;
    7. Put the rubber cover on the rod and slide it up to the protective edge;
    8. Put the hinge on the rod and slide the second edge of the protective cover over it;
    9. Insert the gear ratio change mechanism so that its lever falls between the two legs of the stem;
    10. Tighten the mounting bolts on the gear shift;
    11. Install the speedometer drive inside the clutch housing and tighten the mounting nut;
    12. Do not forget to lubricate the components of the device with oil for gearbox;
    13. Insert the shaft used to transmit torque to the speedometer and ring to seal it;
    14. Install the differential gear inside the crankcase;
    15. Insert the mandrel into the side gear on the differential;
    16. Connect the teeth of gears of the secondary and primary shafts and install them into the clutch housing;
    17. Put the reverse gear and its axle into the clutch housing;
    18. Install the main rod from the reverse gear lever and the lock ring on the gearshift shaft;
    19. Install the 5th gear plug and fork;
    20. Next, you need to install the rods and forks in the reverse order (for 4, 3, etc.);
    21. Replace the gasket between the housing parts and install the remaining gears;
    22. Install the housing cover and tighten the bolts.

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