• How to assure the work book?

    When you apply for a loan, subsidy, or other state service, a package of documents requires a certified copy of the workbook. From our article you will learn how to assure the work book.

    Where to certify a copy of the document

    To assure a duplicate workbook, you must contact the personnel department of your organization. This procedure is performed with the oral request of the employee, but in large enterprises may require filling out a special application.

    How to write an application for issuing a copy of the workbook

    In the substantive part of the document indicate the request for a copy of the work record and the basis for the issue. A sample of such a statement can be found on the stand at the personnel department cabinet. After filing, the application will be reviewed by staff and the director of the organization.

    If you work in a small private company, the personnel department may be missing. Then the work on the certification of the document will be performed by an accountant or direct manager.

    Labor Book Copy Requirements

    • Each copied work sheet must have the inscription: "The copy is correct";
    • Further, the person who certifies the document, indicates his position, as well as the surname, name, patronymic;
    • Then the authorized person puts the signature and date. The signature of the organization is stamped on top of the signature;
    • The last sheet of a duplicate document must have the inscription: "It works at the present time." The position and name of the authorized person are also prescribed, the date of certification, signature and seal of the organization is put;
    • All inscriptions must be made strictly in blue ink;
    • When submitting a copy of the document at the place of demand, the date of certification must be in the current year.

    How to verify a copy of the document

    To duplicate a workbook, the document must be copied. A typing option on a computer is allowed, but such a copy may be rejected by the requested organization, even if it is certified by all the rules.

    We assure the book completely

    1 way

    • To do this, you will need to make copies of all the completed pages, including the very first one, which contains personal information about the employee;
    • Further, the person who is responsible for the certification of the document, makes notes, which are spelled out in the paragraph "Requirements for a copy of the employment record" of this article.

    2 way

    • For this assurance option, you must make a copy of each page of the document on a separate A4 sheet;
    • Further sheets need to be numbered and flashed;
    • The cord from the firmware is displayed on the last sheet of the document and is fastened with a small square piece of paper;
    • The paper is stamped, which should capture a copy of the document, and the signature of the responsible person;
    • It is also necessary to prescribe how many sheets are stitched in the document.

    Copy of employment record

    This procedure differs in that the document contains a copy of the first title page and the remaining pages with the necessary information.

    Sheets are certified according to the technology described above, numbered and stitched. On the firmware of the document it is necessary to stamp the organization and the signature of the official.

    How to assure the work book of a non-working person

    • For this procedure, you must independently make a copy of the necessary sheets and apply to the last place of your work;
    • The authorized employee will certify the book as described above. On the last page, instead of the inscription "Works to the present", the reason why a person does not work will be indicated, for example, he retired.

    In the case when it is not possible to notarize the work record at the last place of work, you must contact the notary service. For a fee, you will be certified by the book on the established model. Keep in mind that you will be charged a fee for the copy service.

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