• How to be baptized correctly Orthodox - from right to left

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    Let's find out how to hold fingers correctly - how to be baptized correctly from right to left by Orthodox.




    If you are a church and religious person, then only faith in the Almighty will help you to keep good thoughts in your head, expelling bad ones from it. Not many people know how to be baptized, but in fact it is very important. You think, but do I need to know about it? I live, well, okay. But you like various celebrations, for example, christening. There we will need our knowledge. In order not to disgrace in front of our acquaintances, we must have even the slightest idea of ​​baptism.


    Very often, to my deepest regret, we have to see - as believers who have visited the temple for many years, as well as divine services, and suggest the likeness of the cross is absolutely wrong. the other one, put his fingers in a pinch, don’t understand how, and it creates the feeling that it’s as if he doesn’t cross at all, but is pouring salt on himself; the third - with all its scope sticks his fingers into his forehead, like a carnation.What can we do in this case, but let's talk about the most huge mistake, which is the most common, when the hand is not reached the shoulder, it is lowered somewhere near the neck. Trivia? Trifle? Formalities? No, do not even dare to think so, in any case. There was such a great saint, even his initials speak for themselves Basil the Great! Here are his words: "In the Church of God, everything is fine and in order, yes it happens." The sign of the cross is the visible evidence of our faith. If you want to know whether the Orthodox is in front of you or not, then ask him to cross over, and if you see how he will do it and whether he will be able to do it at all, everything will become clear to you then. Let us remember the Gospel scripture: “Faithful in the small and true in many respects” (Luke 16, 10). The power of the sign of the cross is great unusually. Many times in the Lives of the Saints, we will meet stories about how demonic charms diverged after a single image of the Cross in public. Therefore, those who will be baptized carelessly and bustlingly or carelessly will simply delight demons - know how to be baptized correctly.


    So, how to baptize correctly - "from right to left."



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    Now there are many different gods in the world, but the real God is one!

    Some people get baptized at the sight of danger, and you know, it helps. Also, if God has something to ask in the soul and go to it, then, strangely enough, all our plans come true. But we digress from the main thing - the technique of baptism. The first three fingers of the right pen tightly put together. Threefold, they symbolize the most holy trinity: father, son and holy spirit. The last two fingers pressed to the palm, they also mean the human and divine essence of God. Put your fingers in this position to your forehead, illuminating your mind, thoughts and future actions. Then just below the solar plexus. Thus, we illuminate our soul and inner sensations, then we apply it to the right shoulder from right to left. We kindly ask the Almighty to rank us with the righteous (the right) and protect us from everything bad (left). After performing this ritual, you must lower the handle and make a bow. We bow to the cross that we have just painted on our body. Our body is divided into three parts. The throne of the Lord is the heaven where our intelligent thoughts come together, and our head is like that. From the ground to the throne, - the airspace, from the belly to the head, - the respiratory part, and then the crust follows.Having brought three fingers from the forehead to the tummy, then to the right shoulder, symbolize the descent of our Lord to the earth. His incarnation in the womb of the Most Holy Mother, the Virgin of the Virgin, birth and life, crucifixion and Resurrection, sitting at the right hand of God the Father of ours. When we are baptized, we enlighten our mind and heart, protecting all senses from evil forces.


    The cross is our weapon. A person makes the sign of the cross, his food, the road and clothes, and at this time from his fingers folded for the cross, fire of heaven comes out, scorching all impurity. We go on a journey, and, sitting behind the wheel of a car, we baptize him, saying: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. And this cross consecrates our whole journey with the help of the Lord and the Guardian Angel. Overcoming the cross with food, the fire ignites all negative energy, if, say, the food was prepared on nerves. But if we fuss and are not baptized, do not ask for help from God, then demons come to us. For a long time in apartments, houses, we feel the appearance of little drums, as if something is knocking, or the cabinet door slamming by itself, the carpet flies off the wall, the tap opens, or someone treads around the apartment next to a person during prayers, they feel breath in the back of their heads.People do not know how to fight with them, those who are brought up in a godless Attic spirit, they can not do anything, do not go to church, do not have shrines at home, do not repent of sins, and demons are not afraid of these people. All this is the tricks of demons, in other words, demonic obsession. Previously, Orthodox Christians, knowing the wiles of the enemy, repelled attacks, the sign of the cross and holy water. They were not afraid of such phenomena, because they were aware of the fact that the demons only allowed fear, but were unable to cause any damage and harm them. Baptize, sprinkle your house with holy water and prayers, go to church and then no useless power can harm you! Catholics are baptized, putting the hand first to the left shoulder, and then to the right. So, they ask God for help, to move from the world of sinners to the righteous. Here is one of the most common mistakes - bow at the same time as the sign of the cross. In no case should this be done, as many of the old books of the Law of God when describing the sign of the cross, the lower end of the Cross is proposed to be done on the chest. In this case, the Cross is obtained as if turned upside down and unwittingly turns into a Satanic symbol. The sign of the cross accompanies the believer everywhere.We are baptized, going to bed, and getting out of bed, going into the temple and going outside; We are baptized before eating, overshadowing our dishes with the sign of the cross. The Cross of Christ sanctifies everything, and for this reason, believers depicting it on themselves are salvific and edifying.


    God bless you!




    Do not be afraid of anyone, God be with you! Believe! and know how to be baptized Orthodox.

    And the main thing that needs to be understood is that the cross is not just a symbol, it is an unusually strong instrument and a true path to salvation and admonition. Using prayers and signs of the cross is a way to be closer in finding help and protection.

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