• How to become a dad?

    Paternity, like motherhood, is not only vital, but also the most responsible purpose of each person. A man should consciously approach its implementation, guided not only by emotions, but also by common sense. Families in which love, mutual understanding reign, the cult of the family, mother, father, already by themselves have the fact that a man treats future fatherhood as a conscious need to continue his own kind and will make every effort to become a good father. He does not need special recipes and moralizing, his preparation for such an important role began in kindergarten. By the way, psychologists believe that family relationships predetermine the quality of offspring and directly affect a person’s personal life.

    Conscious fatherhood

    The modern world is arranged in such a way that many young families, without themselves noticing or not realizing it, are not ready to bear the proud title of - parents. In a woman, this feeling is awakened much earlier due to physiological features, it can be said from the minute when she only learned about pregnancy.And most men just get lost when they hear joyful - You will soon become a dad! Even if the child is planned and long-awaited. After all, every man can be a biological father, but to become a good dad is a whole art. A man should understand that now he will have to make some sacrifices not in his own favor, giving up many pleasures in life, forgetting his own "I" and thinking no longer about himself, but about his wife and future child. Many believe that the way a man treats his wife will be the way he treats his child.

    Code good dad

    A person who has become a dad should provide his child with a normal childhood, both materially and morally. A good father is like a stone wall, for which the whole family can hide and feel safe. This father is always trying to consult with his mother and not only make the right decisions, but also be fully responsible for them.

    A good father must be sincere with a child, because children feel very subtle, they cannot be fooled. Not all men manage to find the answer to the question of how to become a dad, despite the many existing literature on this issue.Men are sometimes afraid to change diapers, change clothes or feed the child, not to mention staying with him for a long time. He often believes that for women it goes better and faster, so they shift all the responsibilities on their shoulders. And so, unfortunately, it happens later in life. Then the man only indirectly takes part in the upbringing of the child.

    As we see, behind the expression itself: I want to become a dad - a big responsibility not only for the child, but also for the future of the whole family.

    How to raise dad from husband

    It should be noted that it also depends on the woman whether your husband will become a good and loving father for your children. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare him for this role not before birth, but before conception. We need to tell him that he will be a good father, sincere, kind, caring, the way they will love him. With this thought, a man should not part day or night. I'll be daddy soon! - the future father should tell himself, his wife, the whole world with joy and delight. After all, the child must feel with what desire the world is waiting for his appearance.

    When the child is born, it is necessary to divide the duties so that he independently bathed the child, walked and played with the baby.At first, he will be scared, so his wife should support and help him in everything, showing maximum patience and respect. Do not charge him a lot of responsibilities, because he works all day. Tell your husband what you have been doing all day, share your thoughts and concerns with him, then he will understand better not only you, but also your child, who has already become an integral part of your life.

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