• How to become a goat?

    November 4, 2014
    How to become a goat?

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    How to become a goat?

    Every day there are new interesting computer games. Some games are a kind of joke from developers who wanted to do something unusual and funny. Such a game is “Goat Simulator”, in which you can play in a virtual city for a goat and carry chaos and destruction. However, not everyone knows how to become a hell of a goat in this game.

    We will understand this issue together.

    How to become the devil's goat

    In the game "Goat Simulator" there is an opportunity to turn from an ordinary goat into a devilish version of a goat. Then you will have special abilities. For example, you can fly and create black holes that will suck in different objects and create destruction in the city. This is very diverse gameplay.

    To become the devil's goat, you need:

    1. Find in the forest red pentagram. She is behind the demonstration and behind the crowd behind the house. Then run farther uphill into the forest. Along the way you will see on the road a few torches that are burning.There you will find the red pentagram drawn on the ground.
    2. Drag five bodies into the circle of the pentagram. They must be placed directly at the ends of the five-pointed star. The bodies can be both human and goat.

    After that, you will have a demon mask, and you will get abilities.

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