• How to become a god?

    Surely, you often had to hear such a phrase: "He (she) is a real god." This is usually said about people who have achieved a certain level of skill in some business or it happens that people take on everything and do it better than others. Consider how to become a god in real life.

    Gods in real life

    Famous directors, athletes, writers, businessmen and many representatives of different professions have become real gods in their work. The god of cinema and, in particular, the comedy genre, many consider Woody Allen, Leonardo da Vinci is called the god of invention, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is the god of prose. This list can be continued for a long time, but the essence is the same: all these people in society are considered, if not gods, then real geniuses.

    Geniuses and Gods

    What distinguishes genius from the common man? This, of course, the presence of talent. Talent, as is known, is given to man from birth, but it must be developed. Ancient philosophers believed that there are no mediocre people, everyone can be good at something. But in order to find out exactly what, you can spend a lifetime.Remember that a person has the ability to learn from birth, and the more you do a certain business, the more you seek to learn and improve your skills, the more you can achieve in your business.

    Divine mastery

    A vivid example is people who play sports and martial arts. It should be noted that the same martial arts did not arise thanks to some teachers, whose names are glorified throughout the world, but thanks to ordinary people who once thought that they should be able to defend themselves and protect others without weapons. Practicing every day, these people managed to achieve a certain level of skill and at some point became real gods in their work. Of course they did not work all at once. Moreover, no one taught them mastery, but at some point they began to realize that their body had become much stronger. They had a lightning reaction, often they stopped feeling pain.

    How to become gods

    But how did these people start? Where do all the people who have reached the highest level of skill in their work begin? Of course, it all starts with the thought that you can achieve what you want, with faith in yourself.In principle, people who have become real gods can be called great people, and great people are distinguished not only by their developed skills and abilities, but also by the desire to help other people, because following many creeds, God takes care of every person.

    Therefore, to become a god in real life, you need to take care of other people. It is appropriate in this case to say about Jesus Christ, whom many people consider most close to God. Many stories and legends are associated with it, which sometimes seem incredible to modern man. For example, in the Bible and the Old Testament there are quite a few lines about how Jesus Christ was able to heal seemingly incurable people, bestow sight upon the blind. Scientists and scholars believe that Jesus Christ developed these abilities in himself from childhood, he learned the basics of medicine, studied anatomy, although, unfortunately, there is no direct evidence of this.

    At the same time, it is known that even in ancient China, healers could only heal people with their hands, without using any drugs. The same goes for India. The study of methods of influencing the human body through direct contact is generally characteristic of many eastern countries and countries of Asia.Until now, modern medicine can not explain some of the abilities that people have, including the townsfolk.

    It is also known that in case of danger, a person who does not have adequate physical training can jump, jumping over obstacles that exceed his own height and escape from danger.

    Thus, some amazing and incredible abilities that can be called divine are hidden in many of us.

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