• How to become a judge?

    The majority of students studying at law schools do not want to work as ordinary lawyers in the future. They are going to occupy good positions, have a high position in society and social status. That is why, after graduation, they seek to work in court, lawyers, notaries, prosecutors, police and other departments and ministries. Many who never reach their goal, because the path to the “big chair” is quite long, difficult, and sometimes tedious and does not bring either moral or material satisfaction. However, you need to start somewhere. Therefore, let's consider how to become a judge.

    Who can be a judge

    The first thing you need to know is that a judge is not a profession or a job. The judge is the meaning of life.

    Further, so that later you don’t have to regret time wasted, be sure to find out if your relatives were not involved in administrative or criminal responsibilities. After all, to become a judge, you must be clean, like a tear of a newborn. Before you are appointed judge, even the parents of your ex-husband or wife will be carefully checked. With such a check, nothing can be concealed.Well, if someone from your relatives is unclean, you can forget about the position of judge.

    Also, do not forget that the judge is obliged to administer justice, while deciding the fate of many people. Since this is a difficult task, it is necessary to possess excellent special knowledge in all areas of law. And one more important point: the qualification board of judges will select a candidate who graduated from a good institution of higher education, and not a commercial non-state university. Think about it and choose a decent educational institution.

    According to the law, a person over 25 years old who has a legal experience of more than 5 years can become a judge. It should be clarified that after studying in the university, it is desirable to work in the prosecutor's office or in court. In the event that you will work in a law office or in a commercial company, you will never be a judge. The best option would be to work as an assistant judge in the district court. At the moment, the question of whether the experience of the secretary is in the judicial experience has not been finally resolved. However, as a rule, they will not take you as an assistant judge right away, so it’s better to start as secretary.

    World judging and arbitration court

    If you are interested in the question of how to become a magistrate, below you will find the answer. As well as the answer to the question of how to become an arbitrator.

    A world judge or a judge of an arbitration court of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation may become a citizen of a state who is 25 years old and has a law degree, as well as work experience of more than 5 years in a legal capacity. Behind this citizen there should be no defaming misdemeanors. He must also pass the qualifying examination and receive a recommendation from the qualification board of judges.

    To become a judge of the federal arbitration court, you need to reach 30 years, and a judge of the Supreme Arbitration Court - 35 years. It is necessary to have a legal experience of more than 10 years.

    According to the laws, justices of the peace as well as their family members are subject to guarantees of the independence of judges, their social protection, material security and inviolability. Justices of the Peace are part of the unified judicial system of the Russian Federation. The main goal of the revival of the institution of justices of the peace is to bring justice to the common people and its accessibility to urban residents.

    Now you know how to become a judge, and you can safely move towards achieving your goal.

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