• How to become a mermaid in the afternoon?

    Since ancient times, mermaids have attracted ordinary people for their elegance and mystery. Many girls dream to get the unearthly beauty of the tail and the power of these mythical creatures. There are so many ways to transform that need to be done at night or at full moon. And today we will tell you how to become a mermaid during the day.

    Method 1

    • Pour into a metal container of cold water, add two teaspoons of sea salt and dip a wooden comb there;
    • Go outside with your hair down. The ideal option would be a walk to the pond. If this is not possible, then you can go out into open space, for example, in a clearing or in a park. At the very least - go to the balcony;
    • Close your eyes and say: "Great mermaids, I want to see you, I want your strength!";
    • Dip both hands in a container of salt water, still keeping your eyes closed;
    • Next, you need to open your eyes and comb your hair, saying out loud the phrase above three times;
    • In order to avoid colds, do not use this method during the cold season.

    Method 2

    • Open the window and shout three times: "I want to become a mermaid! Mighty forces of the sea help me, give me strength!";
    • Stomp your right foot, then left and right again;
    • Write on a piece of paper: "I shouted three times, stomped three times, I want three powers";
    • Read the message to yourself and gently burn it, collecting the ashes in a container;
    • Pour cold water into the bowl by adding a couple of tablespoons of sea salt;
    • Place a container of ashes in a bowl of water so that it does not get wet;
    • Notice two hours, and then develop the ashes in the wind, saying: "Fulfill my desire."

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    How to become a mermaid for a photo shoot

    If you need to turn into a mermaid for fantasy photography, then you can do it in simpler ways.

    Buying a tail

    In order to become a mermaid, you must purchase a tail and a top from a swimsuit. To do this, you can visit the children's goods store, order individual tailoring from a seamstress, or find a tail in the online store and order it there. By the way, if you want to become a mermaid not only during a photo shoot, but wish to swim regularly in reservoirs in her guise, without resorting to the methods described above, then get a special tail designed for swimming.

    Tail do it yourself

    If you can sew, make a tail with your own hands.

    • Get elastic fabric of brilliant color and a linen elastic;
    • Find on the Internet a ready-made tail pattern or draw it yourself: circle the legs in a slightly diluted state, adding a couple of centimeters on both sides for the seams;
    • Apply the pattern to the fabric and cut out the blank for the front and back of the tail;
    • Interconnect the workpiece with the help of threads, lacing the inside of the linen elastic in the hips, knees and calves;
    • Draw a fin on the plastic and cut the workpiece;
    • Tape the fin blank fabric and sew to the finished tail so that left a hole for the legs.

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