• How to become a representative?

    The profession of a sales representative relatively recently appeared in our country. But in the labor market, requests for specialists for this position are becoming more and more prominent. In this article we will consider the features of the sales representative.

    A sales rep is ...

    It is rather difficult to formulate a clear definition of the trade representative profession. He is called both a sales agent and a sales manager. One way or another, the sales rep is in sales. True, he does not stand behind the counter, does not offer goods on the street, does not carry it on apartments. A sales representative is an intermediary between a “wholesaler” (a manufacturer or distributor) and a retail outlet owner. Thus, the sales representative works mainly with legal entities and does not encounter a consumer.

    If you decide to become a representative, then you will have a dense and fruitful communication with the owners of supermarkets, shops, stalls of the sphere, the goods of which you will “promote”.It is also the responsibility of the “trade representative” to find new customers, take orders for the supply of the required quantity of goods, provide full advice on the properties of the distributed product and control financial flows between the parties to the relationship.

    Pros and cons of a representative

    The biggest plus in the work of a sales representative is the feeling of freedom. You don't have to sit in a stuffy office for days on end and stare at the monitor. If your activity is not constantly monitored by a linear manager, then you will be able to work on a free schedule. Another undoubted advantage - solid earnings. You can earn as much as you want as a sales representative. Everything will depend on your perseverance and commitment to self-improvement. The advantages of the profession can also include the rhythm in which you will live. Constant communication, training, master classes, traveling - all this can be extremely interesting and exciting.

    Like any other position, the position of sales representative has a number of drawbacks. First of all, this work is really very hard.You must be able to combine a driver, a cash collector, a consultant, an accountant and even a psychologist. All day you will wander around the city, or perhaps in several nearby cities. Not all customers bother themselves with politeness, and you, one way or another, will have to communicate with them. Free time will often go to repair the car, attend trainings and the information about new products.

    Of course, you can not call the work of a sales representative boring and fresh. But one should be aware that not every person will be able to successfully deal with this matter.

    Required qualities for the representative

    Let's designate the approximate list of personal qualities which the sales representative should possess.

    • Sociability. The ability to communicate - this is probably the main skill that you must possess if you want to become a trade representative. Coming to the customer with a new product, you will need to convince a person in the allotted time (no more than half an hour) that your product is really high-quality and marketable;
    • Possession of time management secrets. The position of “trade representative” is very multifunctional.You have to keep up with everything, and for this you need to correctly plan your every day. For example, during the day you have to go around a certain number of outlets, communicate with customers, complete a sales plan, fill in accounting documents and report on the work done. Having wrongly planned a day, you have every chance to spend half a day in traffic jams, spend too much time on one negligent or too sociable client, deprive others of attention and not execute the plan set by the authorities. As a result, you will, of course, be left without a prize;
    • Ability to avoid conflict situations. If you are easily outraged, you do not like to wait, you are nervous when a person does not understand something, does not want to listen to you, or simply treats you badly - this means that this work is not for you. Among clients, unfortunately, quite often there are people in a bad mood, with inadequate inquiries, with strange views on life. Everyone has to find an individual approach that will ensure normal cooperation and preserve your personal dignity;
    • Talent to sell.Sometimes even many years of experience in sales will not surpass the natural ability of a person to convince people to believe in you and buy from you.

    Places of work for the representative

    Virtually any trade area requires sales representatives. It is best to try to get a job in a manufacturing company. Compared to "wholesalers", work here is much more stable. In addition, manufacturers ’torgpredam often issue service cars, pay for mobile communications and medical insurance. Such a place is quite difficult to get, but worth a try. It’s more difficult to work for a distributor, because there is more information and expenses and less income. But it will be easier to get here.

    If you choose between working for “networkers” and retail outlets, then the first is, of course, simpler and more prestigious. But at the same time, if you start your career from work to "points", then it will be much easier for you to retrain to "networkers". In the opposite direction to move is much more difficult.

    The surest option is to look for work through friends. In this case, you will know in advance all the pros and cons of working in the company from the inside.

    Wherever you are a sales representative, your salary will probably be calculated according to the following scheme: monthly you will receive a fixed salary (its amount is determined by the employer) and a bonus (the amount of which depends on how well you promote the products).

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