• How to become a sparkle?

    Perhaps you, like many girls, loved the characters of the cartoon "Friendship is a miracle." Maybe in the depths of your soul you even wanted to become one of them. And if you make a little effort, then your dream can come true. We will tell you how to become a sparkle.


    Of course, you can hardly turn into a real pony. Although some girls claim that with the help of a magical ritual they were able to transform. We can share with you the secret of transformation. But remember that no one knows how to regain human form. If you're still willing to take a chance, try it.

    On a small piece of paper write: "I want to become a pony sparkle." Then fold the note in half and put your chain on it. In the hearing say: "I want to become a pony sparkle." Wait 10 seconds for the spell to work, and put on the chain. Sit on the floor, wait 10 seconds and stand up. Everything, you turned into a pony.

    Copy appearance

    But it is much easier to become as close as possible to a pony without any transformation. To do this, you need to work with both appearance and character.

    Ask your mom to buy you a dark blue wig. With the help of special crayons for dyeing hair, make it look more like a sparkling mane. To do this you need to add pink and purple strands. Paint them evenly over the entire length so that they look neat.

    Now ask someone to help you make up. Paint the whole body with purple paint. To do this, you can use only special paint for makeup. In no case do not paint your face with markers, gouache or watercolor. They contain toxic substances, and so you can easily ruin your skin or even go to the hospital. On your hip, draw the distinctive sign of Sparkles - a six-pointed crimson star, around which sparks are located.

    When everything is ready, put on a wig and evaluate your rebirth!

    Copy the character

    One change in appearance is not enough. A pony is also a special character. So if you still want to be a Sparkle, work on your behavior.

    Remember, at the beginning of the cartoon, the pony was a bit boring, arrogant and did not want to communicate with anyone? She did not know how to have fun and enjoy life. But over time, she realized how cool it is to have real friends, how fun it is to spend time together. Here you will have to become such a convivial Sparkle.

    To do this, try to be friendly and attentive to others. Spend more time with real friends, not on the Internet. Walk with them, chat. If parents are allowed, go to parties. And then you will have real friends, like Sparkles.

    In addition, our pony is a diligent student. She reads a lot, so she became very educated and knows everything. Take an example from her. Read more, be curious. Think more often about how the world works, and look for answers.

    The sparkle is hardworking and persistent. Many would stop before difficulties and failures, but not she! This pony can persistently pursue its goal, mistaken, but moving on. This is a very useful skill that you should learn from her. If you want to achieve something, do something to achieve the goal. You will not always get everything the first time. It is necessary to correct and redo much, but if you don�t stop, you can achieve your goal.

    Another feature of the baby's character is neatness. This quality is manifested in everything: appearance, work, rest. To be like Sparkle, you also need to learn to be neat.Start your transformation with restoring order in your school backpack and cleaning the desktop. Go to the cleaning room. Ask yourself all the time whether a sparkle would live in such a room or not. When you get a positive response, know that you did everything right.

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