• How to become hard?

    Hard character and self-confidence flow from our internal state and are due to a behavioral model based on past decisions and actions we have committed.

    Where to begin

    Accordingly, in order to change your character, you need to commit acts peculiar to the type of character that you would like to have.

    Therefore, you first need to very responsibly consider those qualities that you would like to see in yourself from real people and study their behavior patterns that characterize these qualities. That is, simply choose a role model or, let's say, a specific role model.

    It does not have to be the perfect person, just highlight the features that you find important and necessary to you, and examine how they manifest in life. You need to look at everything very carefully and understand, is this really what you need? So you would like to be? Would you like to do that?

    It is very important to maintain a reasonable harmony in relationships with people. You should not look at others with high, but self-deprecation is unnecessary.Need to love yourself! But this love should not cause pain and suffering to other people. On the contrary, it should be the basis of love for others.

    In this case, there is a definition of man, written in ancient Rome and it sounds like this: “Equal among equals”. Or there is another measure of morality: “Do to others the way you want them to do to you.” It is very important to realize that hardness and cruelty or rudeness are completely different things.

    All people strive for happiness and suffer in this life. Do not forget about it and be vindictive. Forgiving is the quality of strong people.

    The qualities of a man with a strong character

    • A solid person can, if necessary, express his opinion without worrying about what others think or say.
    • A solid person, he is a determined person and acts deliberately, carefully and adequately, regardless of opinions and prejudices.
    • He is self-confident and self-sufficient, he makes decisions himself, and, having accepted, does not worry and does not worry.
    • If he made a mistake, he corrects it and bears responsibility for his actions.
    • Self-control is a very important quality for a solid person.

    How to become hard

    To become solid, you need to change the pattern of behavior. You need to overcome your inner weakness and commit the act that you need to commit. It seems impossible, but it is not.

    Things may change overnight, but you will have to go through yourself until the new role model becomes sustainable. After a while, actions that previously caused fear and despair or seemed impossible at all will become natural and it will not be clear how it was possible to do otherwise.

    It’s good to start small and gradually move forward, but if you don’t manage to overcome yourself, do not despair. Everything is possible, you just need to continue and not give up.

    It can be difficult to drastically change the pattern of behavior and hold it until a new pattern of behavior is established. Then it’s good to find a friend who can help you to hold on, not experiencing false kindness and gentleness, ready to help you cope with yourself.

    If this person is an authority for you and, besides, he himself has the necessary qualities, this can greatly simplify your task. A good friend can not only help you walk this path, but also make it much nicer and more fun.

    To ask someone for help and open up before him is an important undertaking in itself and speaks of the determination to go through this path of change.

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