• How to become yourself?

    How often the phrase “just be yourself” frankly baffles and puzzles. Sometimes, without even noticing it, we begin to behave unnaturally. Someone happens involuntarily and almost imperceptibly to himself, someone purposefully trying to please or please the other party. In any case, the behavior which is not peculiar to you and the desire to please or impress the interlocutor is a serious spiritual discomfort that only spoils self-esteem. To learn how to become yourself, read further in the article.

    Accept yourself

    Endless attempts to take on the role of another, more interesting or successful person, not only look unnatural than unwittingly repel people, but also are the first sign of dissatisfaction with themselves. Try to identify the causes of your embarrassment about your own person. To be yourself is to live on behalf of who you really are, to love and believe in yourself. All people have disadvantages. Just analyze yourself and try to accept your identity as it is.At the same time work tirelessly on yourself and improve - this is the most effective way to gain self-confidence.

    Be proud of yourself

    To have shortcomings is normal, but to constantly think about them is not. You definitely have something to be proud of. It can be an interesting and useful work, wonderful parents, outstanding ability to write poetry or to paint landscapes. Find your virtues and think about them more often, develop your abilities, concentrate on all the positive things that are in you.

    Do not be afraid of difficulties

    Black stripes in life are always replaced by white. Problems at work and in personal life can seriously undermine self-esteem, which, as a result, will affect the ability to be self-confident. Try to form a hard inner rod that will not let you despair in a difficult situation. After all, a white line will surely follow the black stripe - this is an indisputable law of life.

    Do not hurry

    In a hurry, we often forget about ourselves and what we are. Do not forget to stop from time to time and analyze yourself, your actions. Reflections about your life are often very useful, as they are dear to yourself.

    Learn to listen

    Listening, hearing, and understanding people is an amazingly useful skill that will help you achieve the favor of the surrounding society and attract people to yourself. Instead of making vain attempts to please someone, having carefully listened to the interlocutor, you will be able to understand what kind of person is in front of you, what he likes and what he is interested in. At the same time, remember that to understand is not always to agree.

    Love yourself

    To be yourself is to love yourself as you are, to be proud of yourself and to feel unshakable confidence. In order to awaken warm feelings towards yourself, make small surprises and signs of attention for yourself or your loved one. Beautiful things, elegant underwear, perfume, jewelry - everything that can bring you joy.

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