• How to blacklist?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    March 18, 2013
    How to blacklist?

    To permanently get rid of the calls of certain people, you can blacklist a person. And he, in turn, when he calls, will hear short beeps indicating that your number is allegedly busy. This function is very convenient, because the person does not know that you do not want to talk to him, and does not take offense at you, because your number is busy.

    Blacklisted subscriber

    To create your own “black list”, you need to go to the main menu of your mobile phone, select the “Settings” menu, and in it the “Calls” menu. It should be noted that on some models there is an intermediate menu “call log” or simply “log”. After that, select the “black list” menu, and then from the phone book or manually enter one or several numbers of subscribers with whom you do not want to talk. After which you should only save the changes.

    You should be aware that the algorithm described above may differ slightly for different mobile phone manufacturers, but, nevertheless, this is the principle.After the actions performed, all whose numbers were placed in the “black list”, instead of the usual melodies or beeps, will hear only short signals, or receive notifications that the subscriber is not in the network. In addition, it must be remembered that in order for the “black list” to work, phone numbers must be specified in the international format and stored in the memory of the mobile phone, and not in the SIM card memory.

    Service "black list" from the cellular operator

    If you need to save yourself from calls from subscribers from the cellular network, then you should ask your operator about the provision of such a service. If there is one, then you can subscribe to this service and add the number of the undesirable subscriber to the "black list". This option is included in the phone program, you just need to find it in the settings of the corresponding section, enter the unwanted number and activate it.

    Some operators often provide two modes: white and black lists. Therefore, you can connect both of them. However, the prohibited will be accepted by the phone, in the form of "undecided". You can also choose what exactly the unwanted caller will hear.This is usually the phrase that the subscriber is unavailable, redirection to voice mail or short beeps. Now you know how to blacklist the subscriber and your mood will not be spoiled by unnecessary calls.

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