• How to boil milk?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    March 29, 2013
    How to boil milk?

    Everyone knows that milk is not only healthy, but also tasty food. Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is certainly useful for the human body, namely for bones and teeth. Milk is also necessary for a large number of baking recipes. And porridge, boiled in milk, will be useful both for young children and adults. It is interesting that milk not only promotes weight loss when properly applied, as evidenced by existing milk diets, but also improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Milk perfectly tones the tired body. Having drunk a glass of warm milk with honey in the morning, any person will receive a boost of energy for the whole working day. But you need to know how to cook the milk correctly, so now we will consider this issue.

    Well, if the capacity for boiling milk will be with a thick bottom, then the milk will not burn. Modern manufacturers offer special saucepans for boiling milk, which can be bought almost anywhere.Such a pan has a double bottom and double walls, between which cold water is poured.

    Milk cooking process

    Boil milk should be on low heat, and in the process of cooking it is necessary to constantly stir and remove the foam, then it "will not run away". If the milk froth starts to rise, the milk is removed from the heat. Now it is ready to eat.

    The zealous hostesses have secrets how to cook milk so that it does not burn and run away. Before boiling it is better to pour cold water over the pan. The edges of the pan, greased with butter or fat, will also be prevented from escaping.

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