• How to breed a girlfriend?

    What will be discussed? In a nutshell, you can say this: about you, dear guys, and about girls. Much has already been written about love, they have written both in verses and in prose; there is also enough information available about sex. But today it is more interesting: who of you has divorced a girlfriend for sex? And is there any recipes for this? The question is, of course, spicy, but if you need an answer to it, then you need to consider it. Say at once, it will not be about drinking a drink to a young lady, everything must be under the control of the mind and pleasant for both of you.

    First impression

    So, you have gathered for a date, you have big plans for the evening in your thoughts, you are already dreaming of sharing advice with a friend on the topic: how I spread my girlfriend. Mom today will not be at home, and, therefore, there will be no control over you. Here is a long-awaited meeting, and you seemed to be replaced. You start to mumble something, and the conversation does not fit you, all plans are crumbling.

    Our advice to you, learn, first of all, speak, talk about everything: the weather, friends, concerts and movies. But just fulfill one condition: a girl, these topics should also be pleasant and interesting.Show the girl that you are a confident guy so that she has the impression that she will be behind you, like a stone wall in all situations.

    How to breed a girlfriend

    Show your girlfriend that you are a young romantic, they love these and believe that it is these men who can uncover the female secret and mystery of their soul in them. Uncover your soul in conversation and be original. Tell, to enter to the girl in trust about itself, ask about it. Ask questions so that she answers not only “yes” and “no”, but gives a complete, interesting answer. So faster you start a conversation. Give yourself some interesting, preferably funny, stories. If for some time you will have nothing to talk about, then you can tell them. When talking, do not constantly ask yourself a question: how to divorce a girlfriend? Behave naturally and only think about what you are talking about. On a date, hurry if not with a bouquet, then at least with one big and beautiful rose. Girls are always happy with flowers.

    If you have the opportunity, then invite her to a cafe or restaurant for a cup of coffee. Music and intimate atmosphere will bring you closer. If the weather is warm and good, then you can just stroll through the evening city. Flickering bright lights will give you a good mood.

    In the event that you have your own car, ask your girlfriend to go out of town. Together or with a group of friends you will be interested in nature. You can have a picnic for yourself, as well as go to the river or lake to swim on a hot day. Ideal - the sea. There are many things possible: sunbathing, swimming, walks on a yacht. And all this fun will take place with you and your girlfriend.

    Further actions

    And so, trust is achieved between you. You can dream together about how each of you sees the future or, for example, what you would do if you had a lot of money. At the same time, you can better know a person and earn his trust. Word by word, and you can go to the issues of sex. At first, detached, casually touch on this or that question. If this topic is picked up, then you can stop on questions of a personal nature.

    If a guy divorced his girlfriend for sex, then he feels the character of a girl well, has an excellent approach to her and has those qualities that are inherent in a real man. Therefore, be delicate, if your girlfriend does not mind, then you are in her eyes the very person in whom she sees her future.

    And our last tip. Never think about drinking a girl for sex. Better raise your intellectual level and your development. If you are a normal guy, you will surely enjoy success with the representatives of the opposite sex. We have many options suggested to you for the realization of your dreams. Forward!

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