• How to build a tank?

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    How to build a tank?

    Modeling is not just kid's fun — it's a very exciting hobby. Military equipment in this sense is always the most popular. One of the interesting models is a tank. In this article, just consider how to build a tank.

    We collect model tank

    It is necessary to begin with the acquisition of the tank model itself, as well as a set of tools. Required:

    • tassels;
    • paints;
    • glue (and, at once several types: usual model, gel, second).

    In the process, still need:

    • putty;
    • files;
    • emery skins.


    1. Preparing a site for future assembly. It is better to lay a rug or fabric, so as not to look for some small, but vital detail.
    2. Assembly. On the question of how to properly build a model tank, the answer is one - use the instructions. You should not neglect it, and to study it is better to approach with all seriousness, it will greatly simplify the further process. It is important during assembly to be scrupulous in following this very instruction.
    3. Painting.After completing the assembly with a primer, we process our model of the tank and we clean it with emery cloth. Further painting follows. The manual describes several options for painting, you can choose the right one.

    Origami tank

    If you like working with origami techniques, you can make a tank out of paper. To do this, take a sheet of A4 paper:

    1. The sheet of paper must be bent in the center. The resulting figure is necessaryTankdivide horizontally in half and cut along this line (one part must be set aside). Straighten the strip on the left side in a horizontal position. On the right side, refractions with a diagonal intersection are made. Then the right side of the workpiece should be turned into a volumetric triangle, first bending the opposite sides to each other.
    2. The right vertex is connected to the corners of the upper part of the triangle. The result is a quadrilateral, where the lower and upper parts are bent to the transverse line of the axis. The side corners are tucked into the formed pocket. Then you need to fold in the direction of the horizontal axis of the lower and upper parts. The future product turns over.The right side is folded to the left so that the upper and lower corners coincide with the vertical line-axis. By analogy, the left side is also formed. Next, you need to move the imposed part to the left and lift the corners. The shifted part is tucked under the right side, and the corners are slightly higher under the square's performance.
    3. The workpiece is turned over to work on the tracks. All strips of the upper layer are bent twice by 1 cm towards the central point. The bands curved earlier are placed perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece. Thus, the tracks are made.
    4. To create a cannon, the strip set aside at the very beginning is divided in half, with one half folding in half again. Then turn the workpiece to the other side. The right side must be transformed into a double triangle, as described in paragraph 1.
    5. To the horizontal axis are the corners of the upper layer. Now the left side must be turned into a double triangle. The lower and upper halves are folded to the horizontal, while the triangles of the upper layer of the left part are raised alternately.The left side is put on the right side so that the corners folded on the right fall into folds between the folds on the left.
    6. Next you should bend the back, from which the corners protrude. Of the half of the remaining sheet, the tube for the gun is folded, one end of which must be flattened. This side it is inserted into the hole in the tower. Parts in the form of "petals" on the body are tucked into the fold directly under the tower part so that in the end they turn in different directions.

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