• How to buy a company

    The uniform debugged scheme of purchase of the enterprise does not exist. Each transaction is unique in its own way, and not only in the part of the business itself as a specific know-how in its niche, but also in the process of making the transaction itself. However, in the most general form, there are four stages of buying a business: 1. Search
    2. Analysis and evaluation of business
    3. Execution of the transaction
    4. Start of activity by the new owner
    At each of these stages, there are specific problems that you will somehow encounter during the purchase of a business. The following rules and principles will help you smooth out their action: • A clear understanding of the purpose of buying a business;
    • Using the methodology of investment selection of the enterprise;
    • Advanced search suggestions, not limited to their own;
    • Carrying out a deep legal and financial and economic audit of the business;
    • Availability of a certain financial airbag.
    Maximally familiarize yourself with the business sale procedure.Visit for this purpose legal portals and forums on the Internet. Define for yourself the criteria that the business you need must meet. Find on the Internet the most popular sites that advertise the sale of businesses. Sign up for new offers. To buycompanyand avoid problems that may appear due to ignorance of the specifics, if possible, consult with managers of similar businesses who, from the height of their experience, understand this matter thoroughly.
    Contact the companies that provide intermediary and consulting services to support the sale of the business.

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