• How to buy cheap apartment

    Buying an apartment is not a matter of one day, and before you begin an active search for the property you need, try to analyze the state of prices and what their trend is for the near future. To do this, at least for two or three months, buy newspapers with relevant advertisements and get acquainted with the forecasts of analysts. Even if there will be no price fluctuations, you will be well informed about the state of the real estate market in your city.
    The cost of an apartment is influenced by many factors: when the house was built, what is its condition now, is it conveniently located, is there a good road junction in the area, what is the living space of the apartment, are the roofs in good condition, communications and local area, etc. d. In such a list of factors one can always find several of those who will present a residential object in a somewhat disadvantageous position. With these "punctures" you can start bargaining about reducing the cost of an apartment.
    If the house where the apartment you viewed is located far from the metro (bus or tram station), feel free to insist on a discount. In the load can make before the owner of the premises calculations, how much time you will lose to get to work, and how much extra costs you have to do, transferring to other modes of transport.
    Try in some way to find out why and how long this apartment is for sale. If they have been trying to sell it for several months already, there is a chance to persuade the owner to make concessions, because he himself may already be tired of this process, and he would like to receive money at last. If the premises are sold because the owner leaves somewhere or is going to buy an apartment elsewhere, this is also not bad, because in this case time is important for him.
    Even if you liked the apartment, do not praise it, in order not to further increase the value of the property in the eyes of its owner. Be polite and very discreet. Also, do not start bargaining right away. For the seller, this will be a signal that you really want to buy a house, which means you will not give in.
    Do not expose the apartment, which you inspect, harsh criticism. If you believe that this will bring down the price, then you are mistaken. Giving a bad assessment of housing, you offend the owner. Of course, after your words, he may sell it at a lower price, but to someone else. After all, you will cause this person a negative association.
    Not bad, if you during the inspection of the room and a conversation with its owner casually notice that you have examined a couple more apartments in the same area, more convenient and at a bargain price. And if you also show a newspaper ad, which shows similar parameters and a slightly lower price, it will work even more. Just do not go too far, do not create impressions with the interlocutor that you have just come and are not going to buy anything at all.
    It is better if you before the auction will imagine the real value of this housing and first call the counter price - slightly lower than that for which you can buy an apartment. In this case, the person may no longer call his upper price limit and lower his price. Speak confidently, looking into the eyes, like a serious person.The impression will increase if you put forward good arguments why you insist on just such a price. Do not tell the owner that you do not have so much money or that it is expensive. On the contrary, say that you have the necessary funds for the purchase, you can still borrow some amount, and that it is necessary to calculate the costs for registration, this will be the cost that you are ready to pay. If the owner did not give you a direct answer, do not be discouraged in advance. Give him your coordinates and wait for the call.
    Try to adapt to the interlocutor, so you will easily cause him confidence. Try to speak with the same intonation, power of voice, tempo. Repeat as if by chance his movements, but not so obvious that you were suspected of being copied. If you have a sense of humor, and the other person is susceptible to jokes, this also helps to establish contact between you.

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