• How to buy shares of Gazprom?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    March 5, 2012
    How to buy shares of Gazprom?

    Shares are securities that are given to their owners, i.e. shareholders, the right to participate in the management of a joint stock company, to dividends, i.e. part of the profit, commensurate with his number of shares of the joint stock company and on the part of the property in case of its liquidation.

    How to buy shares of Gazprom?

    Sign a brokerage service agreement

    According to Russian legislation, operations in the securities market can be carried out only by professional participants in this market. In this case, neither you are such a participant, nor Gazprom. So, if you do not have such an intermediary contract, you will have to conclude it (this can be done via the Internet). Usually such services are provided by commercial banks and investment companies. Your broker, according to the established tariffs, you will pay a certain percentage of the transaction.

    Gather information and purchase promotions

    Shares are of two types - ordinary and privileged.We will not go into details of the differences, because in any case, the draft issue of Gazprom did not initially assume the issue of preferred shares, which is written on its official website. Accordingly, only ordinary shares are at your disposal.

    It is possible to orient in stock prices on Russian exchanges - MICEX and RTS. Note, however, that the required amount can be calculated only approximately, since prices may vary every day (by 1-5%).

    Then you transfer the calculated amount to the account of your brokerage partner. You can buy the shares yourself with the help of a special program, or you can give orders to the employees of the brokerage company.

    Here is a simple mechanism for buying Gazprom shares. Simple, isn't it?

    Good luck in your new beginnings!

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