• How to buy on ebay?

    The principle of how to buy through any product is not much different from service in other online stores. But, nevertheless, there are some nuances worthy of attention. This article describes the principles of buying independently, without resorting to the services of intermediary companies. Let's analyze in detail the algorithm of how to buy goods on ebay.

    Where to begin

    You must first go through the registration process. It will take a little time. You just need to fill in the appropriate fields. By registering once on any of the ebay sites, you can then access all others using the same username and password.

    Next, get acquainted with the interface of your account and the site itself. Then you can start searching for the goods you need. It is not difficult. Everything is done so that the user can use the service without any complications.

    Buying process

    Everyone is wondering: how to buy on ebay is safer and cheaper? An ebay auction is not a simple online store. It is a platform for sellers all over the world. Among them may not be very honest people.Having found a suitable product, your main task is to determine whether it is possible to deal with this seller. It's pretty easy. The site has a user rating system. Each buyer can evaluate his partner positively, negatively or neutrally. It also leaves shift comments. It is with them that you should familiarize yourself before making a deal. If the seller has a number of positive reviews, high ratings, then you can safely deal with him.

    The next important nuance is the determination of the final cost of the goods. It includes the price specified in the lot, plus the cost of shipping and customs clearance. You need to get acquainted with the duty-free limits for your country and with the prices of courier delivery. There are services that are distinguished by rather high prices for this service, but you can use public postal services. Working with them is much cheaper.

    On eBay, goods are sold either at a fixed price, or on the basis of an auction: the one who offers more will buy it. Often, both functions are combined, that is, the rules of the auction, but if you wish, you can buy goods immediately by paying a fixed higher price. The format of the sale of goods is indicated on the lot description page.

    Bidding on eBay is an art form. Here, you can purchase goods for a price significantly reduced compared to the market. Even if the seller is dissatisfied with the proceeds, he can not cancel anything. You, in turn, have the opportunity to withdraw your bet. Data of bidders are hidden from all but the seller. There are special applications called auction snipers. They automatically place bets, which allows you to quickly and profitably make a purchase.

    Residents of the Russian Federation and CIS countries have the opportunity to purchase goods from overseas vendors in three ways.

    1. Purchase by direct international delivery. Most foreign eBay users are engaged in the free shipment of goods to the countries of the former Union.
    2. You can use the services of the so-called forwarding company. It provides for a fee to the user a box in a warehouse in the USA. In this case, when you buy goods abroad, you specify in your account not the home address, but the one that this company is located at, after which you pay for the transaction. This scheme helps to buy any goods that are not shipped to your country.In addition, the forwarding company combines all your purchases in one package. This significantly saves your money, since the delivery of one large parcel will cost much, much cheaper than a few small ones. This is an indispensable option for those who make purchases from foreign sellers often and slowly.
    3. You can make purchases on eBay using the services of an intermediary company. She will carry out all the operations of purchase, payment and delivery for you. At the same time, withholding a commission, about 10% of the purchase price. All you need to do is transfer the funds to the intermediary’s account and familiarize you with the link to the goods.

    How to pay for purchases on eBay

    Now you know how to buy goods on ebay. After that, the purchase must be paid. This is done for three days. The whole payment process is very simple and intuitive. You will not have difficulties in this regard. Almost 99% of all transactions on eBay are paid through the Paypal payment system. Its services can be used by residents of the Russian Federation and almost all CIS countries. To do this, you must have an appropriate payment card. Transfer of funds occurs instantly and without problems. When paying for purchases on this site, other methods are used, but much less frequently.

    Shipping delivery

    Shipping from abroad may take several weeks. You can regularly follow the path of your package. To do this, you must use the number and the site of the postal operator assigned to it. The seller enters the parcel number into the eBay account after it has shipped.

    After the goods sent via the postal service to the territory of your country, its further movement can be tracked on the postal website. When using courier services, the parcel is delivered to the address. In this case, the courier in advance agrees with the recipient place and time of delivery.

    It is useful to insure your purchase so that in case of damage or loss of the parcel the seller can receive the insurance payment and on its basis reimburse you all costs.

    Now you know how to buy goods on ebay, to make its payment and delivery. Have a nice shopping!

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