• How to call a girlfriend?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    March 6, 2013
    How to call a girlfriend?

    Every person has a best friend or friend. And many people want to call them in a special way, but how can you call a girlfriend? How to come up with her interesting and unseemly nickname?

    Choosing a nickname girlfriend

    Choosing the nickname of your beloved friend, you should take into account that it bears a good, positive shade, otherwise the person will not only feel hurt, but his self-esteem will go down a lot. Also, the nickname should not demean and indicate the shortcomings of a person, especially physical ones, besides this, one should forget about insulting children's nicknames, such as “Masha confused”, “Nastena-Gulen” and others. But it is quite possible to use the abbreviated part of the name, friend or friend, but mostly male names are suitable for this, for example, Alex - Alexander, Eugene or Eugene - Zheka. However, there are also women: Vasilina - Vasya, Ksyusha - Ksyu, Elvira - Ale.

    If you do not know how to call your best friend, then a very common variant of nicknames is to imitate the heroes of films or cartoons.Such a nickname will not be offensive, but on the contrary original and very fun, because the good cartoon characters always cause a smile. No one will be offended if they call him Pyatachk, Matroskin, Scrooge McDuck, or Sponge Bob.

    You can also come up with a nickname for a friend for her skills, but associate her with some popular person. In this case, everything will depend on the type of activity in which it has no equal in your company. For a beautiful appearance, a friend can be called Monroe or Liz, for helping in difficult times - Teresa or Lady Dee, for the ability to write beautifully - Dontsova or Ustinova.

    Sometimes it happens that a person very much reminds someone. This may be some familiar book character, a fairy tale hero or a mythical creature. And if he is not offended, then you can call him that. For example, if your girlfriend likes to wear pigtails, then she can easily be called Pippi, and if a white rabbit lives in her house, she can be called Alice.

    If you do not come up with ideas about how to affectionately name a girlfriend, then the simplest and most pleasant will be to make her name in a diminutive manner: Natasha, Vikulik, Olchik, Tanya, Anyutka, Alesenka, Elenka, Lyudochka, Svetik.To do this, and make a special fantasy is not necessary, but it sounds gentle, and a person will surely like it.

    Now you know how to call a girlfriend, and your friendship from this will only get stronger.

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