• How to call an angel?

    Anastasia Volkova
    Anastasia Volkova
    December 19, 2012
    How to call an angel?

    The Guardian Angel is a small part of the spiritual world that is given to us at baptism. We receive a certain Christian name, the name of our Angel, that until the end of life will protect our sleep, our thoughts, our soul and our life from the negative influences of the surrounding world of people and things. Previously, if you refer to the Bible, the angels kept whole nations and generations, after the Lord gave each Christian his guardian.

    In the Bible, in many books and fairy tales, angels are described as something radiant, floating in the air, a kind of creature with wings and a halo above its head. This image is stored in our memory since childhood, when the world was so simple and kind for us. The angel grows with us, seeing all the obstacles, steps, difficulties, joys and tribulations and helps us not to descend from the true path of good.

    But does the angel always hear us? He always hears, but he can help only when we need him, when we call him, when we believe in his power. After all, believing in an angel is akin to the concept of belief in oneself, because people are beings, each of whom is endowed with a piece of the holy spirit.

    Often there are such situations when fear inadvertently comes that stirs the mind, tickles our nerves, tragic thoughts begin to visit at night, preventing sleep, and confusion and uncertainty come before a difficult decision. To cope with such a manifestation of the negative, you should ask your Angel for help. So how to call an angel? The simplest thing is to repeat to yourself: “My angel, be with me, you are in front, and I am behind you.” Such a confused request helps a lot to calm down.

    Each of us has our own Christian name. You can buy a little book where a prayer will be written to your Angel, named, for example, in honor of the saint, and read at each occurrence of such a state. You can repeat the prayer several times. Each word has its own specific information that stores the meaning of ancient ages. Saying the holy words, and even more so, the prayer consisting of them, we wish ourselves well. After all, the holy words since ancient times are filled with deep meaning, aimed at healing, hope, faith.

    How to call a guardian angel in another way? There is another option. In the church benches, small prayer books and pocket books are sold, in which prayers are written for each day of the week to different angels.While reading the prayer to the angel, it is important to remember that faith saves when you really want salvation.

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