• What do you call a dance?

    Nadezhda Manko
    Nadezhda Manko
    January 29, 2013
    What do you call a dance?

    Dancing is a great way to always keep in shape not only the body, but also the mood. Dance is always a bright release of good mood and emotions. You can dance everywhere and absolutely to any music, thus raising your mood and giving joy to the audience.

    Choose a name

    And inventing the name of the dance, you need to take into account many factors. One of the factors influencing how to call a dance is its performers. If the dance is performed by children, then the name may contain diminutive suffixes. This is due to the fact that once the children perform it, then the main audience will also be children. But the purpose of the name - to attract a children's audience.

    And if the dance is performed with something, then it can be called a dance with something (dance with umbrellas, dance with toys, dance with flowers).

    In the case when the dance is put on by professional dancers, it can be called a word in a foreign language, or as a type of main dance used (tango, flamenco, jive, bachata, merengue).

    Calling a dance, you can rely on the costumes used: if the dance is performed in dresses of the middle ages, then the dance can be called the same as it was called in the middle ages.

    Another unusual option, as you can call a dance - is to call it the opposite word. The effect of this name will be amazing, because the audience expects a dance of one character, and it will be performed in a completely different direction.

    In any case, to come up with the name of the dance is not an easy task. It can also be solved by brainstorming: propose all the available variants of the names and select the most suitable of them by voting.

    How to call a dance group

    Coming up with the name of the dance group is also not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Ideas, how to call a dance group, must be considered taking into account many factors.

    The name of the dance group primarily depends on the chosen direction of dance. If a team performs ball dances, then the title should be something sublime, aristocratic. The name should consist of one or two words, pleasant to the perception and easy to remember.Invented name should not repeat the name of existing commands. But at the same time, the name of the dance group should be sonorous and attractive to potential viewers.

    Comprehending how you can call a group of dances, it is quite possible to brainstorm, as in the case of a decision on the name of the dance. Check the selected variants of names for consistency and how they will sound in different moods (the group “Rose petals”, the dancer “Rose petals”).

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