• How to call from a tablet?

    Despite the fact that mobile phones for a modern person have long become a familiar and at the same time accessible thing, many believe that the tablet should have a communication function. However, how can I call from the tablet? What characteristics or features should it have in order for the user to make a call?

    Cellular function

    When buying a tablet, pay attention to the presence of the Cellular function, which is translated from English as “Cellular”. Of course, a tablet with such a "chip" is more expensive than usual, but it is thanks to her that the user will be able to make calls, plus use the mobile Internet from the mobile operator. At the moment, there is no shortage of tablets equipped with such a function, and you can easily find them.

    As a rule, on the device packaging, you can see the model name and the additional inscription “Cellular + 3G” or “Cellular + 4G”. This means that the device is also able to work as a mobile phone. The only difference between these two symbols is that 4G is a newer communication standard, the so-called fourth generation.In terms of making calls there is no tangible difference between the standards.

    Please note that if the label says “+ 3G” or “+ 4G”, but there is no “Cellular”, this may mean that this tablet does not have a call function, but only works with the Internet of the third and fourth generations.

    You can call from a tablet equipped with the Cellular function in the same way as from a regular mobile phone. Simply select the call function, dial the number and call.

    How to call on a tablet without Cellular function?

    A reasonable question arises, is it possible to call from a tablet without a call function? If the device does not have such a function, then it simply does not have a so-called GSM communication module. However, if you download special programs, for example, the same Skype or Whats App, then you will be able to make a call to your cell phone or to your home number. All you need is Internet access, which you can get if your tablet has Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

    How to call from a tablet on Android or iOS, Windows?

    In fact, the tablet operating system does not affect the ability to call if the device has the necessary function. Therefore, if another person has a tablet with the Cellular function, then you can call from the tablet, like from a regular smartphone with the same iOS or Android. If not, you can use Skype.

    Conclusions of the above

    As a conclusion, we can say that if you are interested in the possibility of calls to certain cellular operators, then it will be more convenient to purchase a tablet with the Cellular function, for which you will also need a SIM card from a cellular operator. However, if you do not want to spend money on additional features of the device, you can use free programs for calls. However, it should be remembered that calls with their help are more expensive, unless we are talking about long-distance or calls abroad.

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