• How to call Germany?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 2, 2012
    How to call Germany?

    Life in Germany is dramatically different in quality compared to the CIS countries, training there is practically free, so many people move there for permanent residence. Those who stayed here will be interested to know how to call to Germany to talk with relatives.

    From home phones

    • 8 (intercity access).
    • Horn.
    • 00 or 10 (international line).
    • Country code (Germany - 49).
    • Mobile operator or city code (see the full list of city codes.
    • Subscriber's phone number.

    From a mobile phone

    Dial: +49 (city or operator code) (phone number) / call key.

    For people who want to learn how to make cheap calls to Germany, there are several ways:

    1. Skype This free program allows you to call when it is convenient for you, to any country. All you need to do is to have Skype on your computer, as well as on the computer of the person you want to call.
    2. IP telephony cards. Having bought such a card, you are given a certain number of minutes for calls abroad. You can call using such a card using your mobile or home phone.
    3. In addition, you can use sites that allow you to make free calls, for example:.

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