• How to call Latvia?

    Angelica Artemyeva
    Angelica Artemyeva
    August 2, 2012
    How to call Latvia?

    When making phone calls to other cities, and even more so the country, it is important to clearly know the correct code and dialing order in order to avoid wasting time and your own nerves. If there is a need to call from Russia to the Republic of Latvia, this can be easily and simply done from both mobile and home devices.

    How to call Latvia from your home phone

    A call to Latvia from Russia from a home phone is made in the following sequence: for any city you should dial 8, after a long beep - the number 10 is the standard connection code with the international line, then you need to dial the country code - for Latvia it is 371 and finally the number who you want to call. Please note that all rooms in Latvia, both mobile and domestic, consist of eight characters.

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