• How to care for the dragoncene?

    The dragon flowers are beautiful precisely because of the interesting color and shape of the leaves. Let's look at how to care for dracaena palm tree, this wonderful representative of flora.

    Making friends with dragon plant is easy

    And this is indeed the case: her appearance immediately signals what she is missing. For example, there is nothing wrong with dracaena dropping yellow leaves at the bottom of the trunk. This is a natural plant growth process, as it should be.

    How to properly care for the dragon tree at home? It is not difficult, in most cases, the general provisions coincide with other domestic plants. For example, if your plant leaves at the edges and tips begin to turn brown - this is bad. It is necessary to analyze the conditions of growth: dry air, dry soil at the roots, light, drafts. The ground at the roots should never dry out at all, and all of the dragon plants should always be sprayed. For the winter, however, watering is greatly reduced, otherwise the plant may simply die.The best irrigation regime is the following: in the summer, 2 times a week, in the winter - one. Stagnant water in the roots is undesirable; this can lead to rotting of the roots.

    How to care for dracaena flowers, if the apartment is not very dry? You can do without constant spraying. It is only necessary to remember to constantly wipe the leaves from dust, especially in the summer heat.

    Dracaeni love a small shadow, when exposed to direct sunlight, they may appear dry spots on their leaves, as the leaves simply fade.

    Having a dracaena flower, how to care for it in the winter? Pay attention to the fact that at this time of year the plant can be harmed by temperatures below +13 degrees Celsius. A strong decrease in temperature will cause the death of dracaena. It is possible to determine that the dracaena is “cold” by softening twisted leaves with brown edges. If you have plastic windows installed, then the plant will not experience discomfort even on fierce, frosty winter nights.

    Plant reproduction and planting

    Transplants do not work out often, about once every two or three years. It is better to do this in the spring. Signaling the need for transplantation will be the roots that fill the pot completely.When transplanting, choose a pot that is between 2.5 and 3.5 centimeters between the roots and its walls.

    Regarding the necessary soil: we are suitable composition of sod, leaf soil, sand and compost, peat. Everything must be mixed in equal proportions. If you do not have enough time or the ability to withstand such a composition, then a universal primer, bought in a store, will fit, the dracaena gets on well.

    When planting dracaena do not forget to provide good drainage to ensure the outflow of water from the roots. Do not neglect the application of fertilizers, it is believed that this should be done twice a month.

    Dracaena propagates by branches or segments of the stem. This is done easily: cut off the "palm" and stick it into the ground, regularly watering. It is not necessary to even wait for the germination of the roots, in this respect the dracaena are very unpretentious. It is possible to propagate the plant all year round, which is quite remarkable.

    I think we were able to fully explain how to care for the dragon tree. I just want to add that this plant is perfect for beginner gardeners, as it does not require scrupulousness and a great deal of time and attention.In addition, to please your eye dracaena can not only from the window sill, you can easily grow this plant to a size worthy of outdoor location. And having compiled several plants into a group, you can even create some mini subtropics, which looks good near (or around) with a TV stand, for example.

    Properly care for dracaena easy! Just read and follow our advice.

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