• How to care for orchids?

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    How to care for orchids?

    We are accustomed to consider orchids as tropical plants, since South and Central America are the birthplace of our indoor orchids, as well as the tropical and subtropical regions of East Asia. But in fact, orchids can be found even in savannas, in steppes, in cold mountainous and hot lowland zones, almost everywhere! And today we will talk about orchids, like indoor plants, and learn how to properly care for orchids.

    Orchid Care Rules

    How to care for orchids? If a person buys an orchid in a regular store, he can be sure that he will purchase a hybrid orchid, that is, already adapted to home conditions. Flower growers choose the color of orchids to your taste: from white to bright purple. The names of orchids may differ, but the care will be the same for everyone, so we�ll dwell on it in more detail. Replanting recommend any purchased orchid, if it does not bloom at this time. In the opposite case, wait for the end of flowering.

    How to care for a homemade orchid

    No wonder orchids are considered sissies, not any soil is suitable for growing this houseplant. But if you follow all the recommendations, then beginners in floriculture will be able to keep this beautiful flower at home.

    Special substrate for orchids is sold in any flower shop. There, it is already enriched with all the necessary nutrients, has a balanced pH, contains the necessary components (bark of coniferous trees, moss or peat and charcoal).

    It is better to water the orchids with soft water (you can let the water out from under the tap through a membrane filter). If there is none, then the purchased soil is obligatory, since a large amount of peat in it softens the climate unfavorable for the root system inside the pot. Subsequently, we still recommend finding a way to soften tap water.

    Orchid in a pot - how to care

    When choosing a pot, pay attention to the fact that it is better to take it in a transparent or white color to avoid overheating of the roots in the sun. It is forbidden to keep an orchid in a clay pot, because the roots will stick tightly to the walls of such a pot and will be damaged during transplantation.Use only a plastic pot with holes to create excellent ventilation and eliminate stagnant water.

    Lighting and temperature

    How to care for orchids at home? It is known that the orchid is a photophilous indoor plant, but it reacts poorly to the bright midday sun. So, we put an orchid on the east or west window. Find a place where there will be neither full shade nor bright sun, otherwise the orchid will �burn�. In addition, orchids are thermophilic plants, which means that the required temperature is + 20-25 �.


    How to care for homemade orchids in terms of watering? In the summer we water the orchid once every 2-3 days. And in the winter should be watered less often - 1-2 times a week. The substrate should completely dry out in these intervals between irrigations, only in this case the next watering can be performed. Focus on the weight of the pot. You can gently push the top layer of the substrate with a wand and touch with your finger how much moisture the earth has in the middle. As already mentioned, the water should be soft. Let the tap water settle, but let it be still warm (35-40 �).

    Often it is impossible to water the orchids a lot, otherwise the roots will rot.Moisturize the orchid every morning, slightly sprinkling it with warm water. In order to properly care for orchids, they should be watered in the morning, since in the morning and in the evening these plants consume less water than during the day.

    When the orchid grows and blooms, feed it once a week. At other times, you can do this only once a month. Feeding is acquired in the flower shop, as well as the primer. Check that the package for dressing was marked "for orchids".

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