• How to catch sabrefish?

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    How to catch sabrefish?

    Chekhon is a schooling fish, therefore it is necessary to catch it during the period when it moves en masse due to a natural call. For example, to spawn or in the winter parking. But many newbies still care about the question of how and where to catch sabrefish, because you need to know the places and the period when the catch turns out to be the richest.

    Choosing a season

    • Chehon can be caught from the earliest spring, when ice came off the rivers and lakes.
    • In May, spawning occurs. So in front of him is the perfect time when a fish breaks down in large flocks and eagerly eats everything that comes its way.
    • But in the period of spawning chehon not worth catching. At this time she practically does not eat. But after two weeks everything comes back to normal.
    • In summer, the fish is not very active, especially in extreme heat. But before the rain there is a high probability of catching it in large quantities.
    • In the autumn, biting increases, especially in those places where sabrefish goes to the winter parking.

    I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this fish usually lives in deep rivers and lakes. In the shallow water it does not catch. She tries to avoid the backwaters, floodplains and dams.And here is where there is a fast current, there is its place. In addition, during the daytime it walks near the surface of the water, and at night it sinks to a depth.

    Tackle on sabrefish

    Although this fish is interested in everything that falls into the water, it does not react to any bait.

    • In the spring it is best to use a dung worm, moldy worm, bloodworm.
    • In the summer, the fish bite well on large flies, grasshoppers, wasps.

    The most common tackle for sabrefish fishing is gum. With it, you can catch three or four fish at once, thanks to several hooks. This fish is caught for fishing, spinning, you can use feeders.

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