• How to celebrate Easter?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    January 11, 2013
    How to celebrate Easter?

    The most important date for Orthodox Christians is Easter, the feast of the radiant resurrection of Christ. This is why so many people celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind, and on Easter, he was reborn again. Easter is a symbol of the deliverance of mankind from the power of the Devil. As the story goes, before the death of Jesus Christ, all people without exception at the end of life fell into Hell. God sacrificed his Son, who, after his death, went to Hell and brought out the souls of all the righteous. In addition, since then, people who lived correctly, after death, fell into Paradise.

    How to celebrate Easter in our time? Previously, Easter traditions were observed very strictly, now they remain the same, but have changed a little.

    How to celebrate Easter: traditions

    First you need to prepare for Easter. For this you need to fast for 7 weeks. In these seven weeks, one must not only limit oneself in food, but also pray a lot and repent to achieve physical and mental purification.

    The date of the celebration of Easter is different, but the holiday always begins on Sunday. On the eve you need to do the house cleaning, prepare a festive table. The main table treats are Easter cakes and boiled eggs. Easter eggs are decorated in every possible way - they are painted, pasted on Easter stickers, woven over with beads, etc.

    On Saturday evening, a festive worship service begins. Christians gather in temples and churches. On this day there are a lot of Christians in such places, so it is better to come early. After the service begins the celebration. It is accepted to be a Christian - to kiss people three times, and one should say: “Christ is risen!”, And the other to answer: “Truly he is risen!”. It is also customary to give each other Easter cakes and Easter eggs. The celebration can begin right in the temple, but more often it happens at home. After the festive divine service, people go home and are already celebrating at the table in the family circle. The celebration of Easter lasts 40 days, especially the first two weeks. Nowadays, rarely anyone has celebrated Easter for so long, but traditions point to this period.

    For 40 days, it is customary to arrange celebratory feasts and games, to visit each other, to meet with relatives, to walk.The most important feeling of Easter for each person is a feeling of joy, ease, and spiritual renewal.

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