• How to change in 1C VAT in 2018

    You will need
    • - personal computer with 1C.
    Each organization that keeps records of VAT in the 1C information database may have individual features of the accounting policy (implementation of operations with 0% VAT or excluding VAT, the choice of a taxation system, which provides for a single tax on imputed income, etc.), therefore initially account policy settings must be specified.
    To set certain parameters, select “Enterprise” in the “1C: Accounting” menu, then go to the “Accounting Policy” tab, and then click on “Accounting Policy (tax accounting)” and set the required accounting parameters.
    In addition to accounting policies, the method of valuation of inventories and the specification of analytical accounting with counterparties may also affect the procedure for accounting for VAT. If, for example, the write-off of inventories is carried out “on average”, then the functionality of a separate VAT accounting subsystem may be somewhat limited, which makes it difficult to track VAT on acquired values ​​intended for operations with 0% VAT.
    In turn, an insufficient degree of detailing of analytical accounting with counterparties may cause non-conducting of VAT accounting documents, for example, it may not be possible to register a supplier’s payment for VAT.
    Remember: reliable tax accounting begins with the correct entry of initial VAT balances. But this does not mean at all that it is enough to fill in the balance on the 19th account “VAT on acquired values” and on the account 76.AB. “VAT on advances and payments”: be sure to fill in the registers “VAT on purchase” and “VAT on sale”. To change the initial VAT balances, open the document “Input of the Initial VAT Balances” and enter the corresponding data on the acquired values, not received from the buyers of VAT and VAT on advances received.
    A special case in which you want to make a change in the VAT in 1C - reducing the cost of goods shipped to your company or services rendered. In this case, the difference between the amounts of VAT found on the basis of the cost of the goods shipped (services rendered) before and after this procedure is subject to recovery. For each product, the cost of which has been reduced, a separate adjustment invoice is issued, which serves as the basis for a change in VAT.

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