• How to change the language on the tablet?

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    How to change the language on the tablet?

    The popular Android operating system supports several dozen different languages. Sometimes users encounter such a problem: they bought a tablet, set it up in a certain way, but inadvertently all these settings were reset, or you set up your device so that you need to reset all settings to factory settings. In this case, the interface language of the tablet may become original. And most often it is English.

    Also, to work on the Internet or with text editors, it may be necessary to change the keyboard layout. Enter the address of the site in English letters or print whole sentences in English. For devices that are produced for Russia, there are 2 languages by default that can be easily switched. Now we will tell you how to change the language on the tablet.

    How to change the device interface language

    Changing languages on a tablet or phone can be useful for those who are learning new languages. Now we will tell you how to translate the language on the tablet.

    So, first go to Settings and select - Language and Keyboard. By selecting a specific language, you will receive the interface in that language in your device.

    How to change the layout of the virtual keyboard

    If you want to change the keyboard layout to write a message, then for this there are a few tips.

    Usually the space bar serves as a language switch. If you have a keyboard in Russian, then just press the space bar and the keyboard language will change to Russian. On some devices, this function is performed by the button located next to the left of the space. It depicts a circle resembling our Earth.

    How to change the input language on the connected keyboard

    Many tablet users use ordinary mini-keyboards that are connected via usb wire or via wi-fi. To change the language of this keyboard, simply press the usual combination of Ctrl + Shift. On some keyboards, this method does not work. Then you should try the combination of space + Ctrl.

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