• How to test a loved one for fidelity?

    Love is a wonderful feeling. But, having been in a relationship for some time, many girls may have a suspicion of the infidelity of their chosen one. Especially if the atmosphere between lovers has changed noticeably, and the narrowed one has become cold. These doubts are seriously gnawing from the inside, and very exhausting. That is why women agree to an adventure - to test a loved one for loyalty. Would you also like to do this? Then catch a few options for action.

    Let's play detective?

    Many believe that men are polygamous by nature. And therefore there is nothing strange in the fact that sooner or later they begin to stare at other women. What signs can confirm the need for verification? Here are some of them:

    1. Favorite suddenly began to actively look after themselves, update their wardrobe, constantly use perfume, and worry about the darkness of the shirt and the brilliance of shoes. Particular attention should be paid to this, if previously you did not talk about improving the image.
    2. Constant overtime began to appear - you need to linger, constantly go to meetings in the evening, business trips.
    3. Changed tastes. The elect suddenly began to love other dishes, style in clothes, a way of life. Even sexually, the most avid conservatives suddenly begin to suggest innovations.

    If you have noticed such manifestations and decided to check, then the most important thing to remember is that everything should be done so that the chosen one does not know about it. Is it worth it to do at all - every girl decides for herself, but it should be noted that such actions can sometimes lead to a destruction of relationships. Have not changed your mind? Then here are some useful tips:

    Create a fake account.And look for your man in social networks. It often happens that the representatives of the stronger sex do not see anything terrible in communicating with other girls on dating sites. Because it makes sense to check the availability of his page and there.

    Next, proceed to action. Get to know, offer to talk, find out whether he is in a relationship and how serious he is, and then ask to meet.Based on this, it will be possible to draw certain conclusions.

    Check the correspondence in the computer and phone. Of course, the wrong elects are able to encrypt the name of the passion skillfully. But if you notice that calls to some number are made with enviable constancy, although you have not heard them at home, it may be worth writing down the number and checking who will answer at that end of the line.

    Ask for help. The help may come unfamiliar to your man's girlfriend or a specially hired girl (remember, even TV shows such are). Organize them a random meeting, after which the girl should offer to exchange phones (if the boyfriend does not do it before) and appoint another meeting.

    If there is enough consent for you, you can stop checking, if you want to know how far such meetings can go, continue monitoring.

    1. Advertisement of relations. Make sure your loved one is concerned so that others know about your relationship. Offer to put a joint photo on the network or get together with his friends to a mini-party, introduce the tradition of joint gatherings with his relatives or parents.If a man under any pretexts and repeatedly refuses to do it, there is reason to think.
    2. Inspection of the car. Often the meeting place for lovers is cars. There sometimes you can find many interesting things. And if the presence of female hair can still be justified by the fact that he brought a colleague up, then contraception means that accidentally got into the glove compartment, no.
    3. Offer sex. It is no secret that the elect, who decided to “go to the left,” meets with his passion not in order to drink tea and talk. Therefore, the task of a girl in this situation is to regularly offer her beloved sex. The one who remains faithful to his beloved, will liven up noticeably, and will join in the process of such a game, but the one behind whom there may be a buckwheat will constantly otlyunivat.
    4. Snooping. If none of the previous options suits you, you can use a more serious one - try to track its location. You can do this with the help of programs for smartphones.

    You can check your husband or boyfriend for loyalty. But to approach this issue is worth with all seriousness and deliberation. May your relationship be bright and your feelings always mutual.

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