• How to check traffic on a megaphone?

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    How to check traffic on a megaphone?

    The modern user can no longer live without the mobile Internet, and where there is demand, there is also an offer. Today, mobile operators offer unlimited Internet packages for mobile devices. However, this unlimited conditional, after reaching a certain threshold, the speed of access to the network decreases. In order for this moment not to come unexpectedly for the user, there are various combinations for checking the remaining traffic. In this article we will talk about how to check the remains of traffic to Megafon subscribers.


    There are several ways to check traffic balances:

    1. dial the combination * 558 #, then call, after which the information about the traffic remains will be sent to you by SMS.
    2. if you do not want to wait for the SMS, but you have the ability to quickly access the network, use the "Service Guide".
    3. if you do not have access to the Internet and do not want to wait for an SMS, call Megafon Support Center at 8-800-550-05-00.

    In the event that the traffic ended earlier than you would like, you can activate the option "Prolong speed", for which you need to send an SMS with text 75 to 00-01-05 SMS, and you will be activated for 75 days a 75 MB package.

    The operator notes that the information about the write-offs of traffic is updated with a delay, and therefore in the SMS and "Service Guide" may be outdated data. For current information, contact the Support Center.

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