• How to choose a ball?

    Today, the list of games in which the ball is an integral part is simply huge. And every professional athlete, and even an amateur, knows how important it is to play with a high-quality ball. Let's talk about how to choose a ball.

    In the matter of how to choose the ball, it is mainly worth focusing on the sport for which it is intended. Consider some of them.

    Soccer ball: how to choose

    The outer layer of the tire. Modern manufacturers use only artificial leather, as it does not stretch over time, and has the best water-repellent properties, as well as increased wear. The most commonly used are two main types of artificial leather: polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride.

    The first option is stronger and more durable, to the touch this layer is very similar to the coating of genuine leather. The higher the price, the better and thicker the layer of polyurethane.

    Polyvinyl chloride feels like plastic. Such material is cheaper, but at the same time, not practical. In addition, in bad weather it is much more difficult to manage polyvinyl chloride balls.

    Gasket layers of tire.Laying between the outer layer and the camera should not be very large, but always made of quality materials. It is desirable to prefer the fibers of the spiral form, treated with polyurethane resin - it perfectly repels water and prevents the chamber from deforming.

    Camera. When creating the camera used latex or butyl. The cameras of professional balls are made, preferably from latex - such a ball will be more sensitive and with a stable flight path. But if you are limited in finances, then you can choose a ball with butyl as part of the camera.

    Design. The most commonly used design, created in 1962 - 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons of black and white colors. But today you can meet to find the ball for almost every taste.

    How to choose a basketball

    First of all, where to start choosing a basketball is to decide where it will be used. All basketballs are divided into two types: for indoor use (indoor use only) and for indoor and outdoor use (indoor / outdoor). If you buy the ball exclusively for training in the gym, then you should prefer the first option, in order not to overpay the extra money.Yes, and in the hand of such a ball will be held differently. The street ball is made of tougher types of leather with rubber coating for hanging wear.

    The second thing you should pay attention to is the size of the ball. So, the ball for men's teams weighs 567-650 grams, with a circumference of 750-780 cm. The balls for women's teams are slightly smaller.

    And the last thing that is important not only for how to choose a ball, but also for a comfortable game is its quality. To do this, ask the seller to inflate the ball properly, make a few blows to the floor. The ball, released from the level of the shoulders, should rebound to about the waist. Also check the nipple. To do this, you can slightly moisten it with water, during the marriage there are characteristic bubbles. Carefully inspect the seams. They must be stitched qualitatively, without eye-catching threads.

    Ball for fitness: how to choose

    In recent years, gymnastic balls or fitballs have become increasingly popular. For comfortable activities it is important to buy the right projectile. So, how to choose a gymnastic ball.

    When choosing a ball, pay attention to the price. Do not buy a very cheap model. Such a ball will not only not be convenient, but harmful to health due to hazardous substances in the composition.

    The best material is already described above, PFH with the addition of latex. Such a ball bounces better from the floor, and also will not break under power loads. Carefully inspect the ball, touch it with your hand. Quality fitball should give a little heat.

    It is desirable to prefer a ball with anti-burst system (Anti-Burst System). It will protect your health in case of rupture.

    Choose the ball should also be depending on your height. Fitballs exist in different diameters from 55 to 85 cm. To choose a ball of the right size, sit on a chair and measure the distance from the knee to the floor. This value should correspond to the diameter of the sword.

    Now you know how to choose a ball for some sports. Remember that the right ball is a very important moment for effective training.

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