• How to choose a dog?

    Before you get a four-legged friend, you need to choose the right breed. You need to choose a dog so that it suits your character and lifestyle. If you give it due attention, then education and training will be much easier. In our article we will share tips on how to choose the right dog for yourself.

    Choice of breed

    When choosing a breed of dog, you first of all should start off not from your desires, but from your possibilities. Calculate the budget that you will allocate for food and maintenance of your four-legged comrade, evaluate your place of residence for free space, and estimate how much free time you can spend on walking and raising a puppy.

    After these simple actions, answer yourself the question: "Why do I need a dog?" Based on your answer, the choice will be much easier.

    • Watchdog breed. Such a dog will be the protector of you and your home. It’s best to keep your dog outside, so you should live in a separate house. But this breed is able to live in a normal apartment.True, if guests often come to you, you will have to lock it in a separate room. Common breeds in this group: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman.
    • Hunting breed. If you are a lover of hunting, then you should definitely choose this breed. A cocker spaniel, a setter or a dachshund - hunting with you will be both a walk and an adventure at the same time.
    • Decorative breed. If you do not need a guard dog and are not a fan of hunting, then you can stop at a decorative breed. These include pinschers, bulldogs, terriers, lapdogs and many others.

    As we already wrote above, the choice of breed directly depends on your place of residence. If you live in an apartment, you should understand that the dog requires regular long-term walking. It should leave maximum of her strength on the street. Such a walk is good for the health of the pet, and the safety of furniture and things will be ensured, because your faithful friend will not be able to bully.

    If you live in a private house, do not think that a dog has enough run through the territory. At least once a day, you must bring your pet for a longer walk.Changing the situation and walking in different places is very important, so change routes every time.

    Breed features

    Keep in mind that the care of each species is individual. For example, for long hair need more thorough care. In addition, the owners of this type of wool twice a year happens molting. Evaluate how important this factor is to you and whether you are ready to regularly clean the apartment from wool.

    If you understand that long hair is a problem for you, then pay attention to short-haired dogs.

    Be sure to count how much your dog will weigh when it grows up. This is necessary in order to assess whether it will be easy for you to cope with it.

    Trainers believe that if you do not have experience in raising a dog, then the first time it is better not to start a Stafford or Bull Terrier, because they have a complex character.

    If you have children, learn which breeds get along better with children.

    Also consider which sex you will prefer, whether you want to have puppies from your dog.

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