• How to choose a good hair dryer

    Before the purchasehair dryerdecide for what purposes you need it. If you only dry your hair, it will be quite reliablehair dryerwith a minimum of functions. If you are going to take it with you on some trips, it is appropriate to purchase a compact hair dryer. For regular creation of various masterpieces of hairdressing you need a hairdryer with a lot of tips.
    Pay attention to powerhair dryer. Different models have power from 200 to 2000 watts. The more power, the faster the hair dries, but also increases the likelihood of damage and drying of the skin. The best option for normal hair and everyday use - 1200-1600 watts.
    If you often do hair, then choose a model with a large number of speeds and temperature levels. The more of these parameters, the more different hairstyles you can do. The desired temperature will not allow to dry and spoil the hair. Not bad, if your hair dryer will be provided with the function of cold air.
    If you have the means, you can choose a device that has additional functions such as an ionizer (kills harmful bacteria and microbes), as well as an ozone lamp (it can moisturize hair and scalp).
    Pay attention to the width of the nozzle if you buy a hairdryer hub: if the nozzle is too narrow, the air flow concentrates into a narrower stream that can damage the hair and scalp, but if the nozzle is too wide, it will make styling more difficult, Airflow will be diffused. It is better if the nozzle will have a diameter of about 9 centimeters.
    Weigh a hair dryer in your hand: a quality machine can not be easy, because inside there is a metal winding motor. If the winding is too thin, it can quickly melt.
    Ask the seller to turn on the dryer and listen to how it works. If the sound is very loud or heterogeneous, it is better not to buy this model. A good engine has an even and deaf sound.
    Rate usabilityhair dryer: look how it lies in your hand, is it convenient to use it from different angles. Also, do not forget to inspect the wire. First, it should have a length of from 1.5 to 2 meters, and secondly, it is better if it has a hinge-shaped or movable mount to the body.If the wire is still attached, it will curl and become unusable faster.
    An important feature is body strength. High-quality hair dryer has a body of durable and heat-resistant plastic. Unfortunately, "by eye" you can not check it. In this case, pay attention to the brand awareness and reputation of the manufacturer of this device.

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