• How to choose a safe?

    Even in the event that you and your work activity are not set up for the direct need for a safe, do not rush to immediately dismiss all the conditions for its acquisition. Indeed, in any home or organization there are documents or valuables that I would not like to put on public display. In addition to all this, safes, both at work and at home, are a good barrier against intruders, fires and other force majeure circumstances. After all, safety is paramount and the purchase of safes is not such an irresponsible moment, this issue should be approached very carefully. Safe is considered the easiest and most familiar way to store all your valuables. In some cases, you may need specially designed equipment, such as a safe for weapons. If you are wondering how to choose a safe, then you need to know first what they are.

    Varieties of safes

    Basically, the classification of safes is for their intended purpose.

    • Fireproof safes - their main task is to keep all your valuables from the fire.And the contents of such a safe are mainly made up of paper documents, magnetic disks, money, photographs and films. If you set out to buy a small safe, then the safes of such a classification will be best suited. In turn, fire-resistant safes are also divided into three classes. The first, class “B” - the temperature in such safes does not rise above 170 ˚C when exposed to fire, but at higher temperatures the paper may be charred. The next type is class “D”. Inside this safe, the temperature does not rise above 70 ˚С, thanks to which photographic and film films are preserved. Next comes the “DIS” class - its threshold temperature is 50 ° C, which saves magnetic storage media and compact discs. The reliability of fireproof safes is verified by its manufacturers. It should be noted that modern safes are subject to such checks as heat stroke, after which everything that contains a safe should remain intact. And only in this case, fireproof safe put up for sale.
    • If you want to buy an office safe for cheap, then burglar-proof safes will do for you - these are safes that are designed and created to store valuables from unauthorized hacks.The construction of burglar-proof safes is as follows - its case is made up of two walls, whose thickness is from 1-3 mm to 20 mm, between these walls is filled with heavy-duty concrete mixed with large marble and granite chips. Burglar-proof safes can be built in, so if you decide to buy a built-in safe, you can opt for the safes of this classification. Built-in safes of this classification are very popular, because such a safe can protect your valuables not only from burglaries, but also from fire. The only drawback of built-in safes is its installation, which is considered quite laborious. Special need for such vaults have large financial or other organizations.
    • Furniture safes - such safes are small in size and are installed and built into various types of furniture. Therefore, if you think about what is the best safe for your home, how to choose it and where to put it, this option will definitely suit you. Safes of this type are mounted on walls or to the floor, which makes it difficult or completely prevents the safe from being taken out of the room.
    • Weapon safes - such safes are simply indispensable if you are the owner of a firearm.The interior of such safes has convenient fasteners, which allows you to compactly place different types of weapons, there are also compartments where you can store cartridges. Weapon safes, by their very nature, meet special safety requirements, and their installation is regulated at the legal level.

    Do not think that this is all types of safes, in fact there are others that are designed for specific institutions with a narrower focus - these are hotel, postal, deposit, cash and other safes. Prices for safes are quite different. You can buy a cheap safe, but do not forget about security, because not always cheap means reliable. Approach the choice of "defender" of your property seriously and carefully, so that later you will not regret the wrong purchase.

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