• How to choose a tile?

    With modern possibilities for repair, few people will refuse to use tile in the design of their apartment. Some rooms cannot be made suitable for use without this convenient material - for example, a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen. And here it is important to correctly answer for yourself the question which tile is best for each specific room. Otherwise, it may turn out that it will not correspond to its purpose.

    Which tile is more suitable for the bathroom

    To begin with, we note that there is a tile with different characteristics on the floor and on the walls. So, for the walls, the main thing is that it does not soak and deform from moisture, it should easily wash off the raid and soap. For the floor, the fundamentally important quality of the tile is good adhesion to other surfaces, that is, it should not be slippery. But even if you have correctly decided on the technical properties, it is also very important to decide the question of which tile color to choose.

    First of all, it depends on the size of your bathroom.In the houses of the old buildings, the bathrooms are usually not only combined, but also small. In such cases, dark tones and contrasting combinations will be inappropriate. If you really like the color variety, try to combine soft, harmonious shades - for example, pink with beige or blue with white. Visual separation into the upper and lower parts of the bathroom using the combination �white top - dark bottom� in small bathrooms is also not recommended, because it visually lowers the ceilings that are not too high in houses of the last century.

    It is important that the floor tiles also harmonize with the walls. How to choose the desired shade on the floor? In small bathrooms, let it be a few tones darker than the main color on the walls, but also light. Then your bathroom will seem higher and more extensive.

    In the case when you are the proud owner of a considerable space in the bathroom, a much wider color range is available to you. In large "utility rooms" you can use dark shades, and contrasting colors, and visual division into zones. Details on choosing a tile for a bathroom are described in the article How to choose a tile for a bathroom.

    Kitchen and its decoration tiles

    This very important room is also not without ceramics. There is no better material for decoration than kitchen tiles. You need to choose it correctly, so as not to regret after your mistakes. And for this we must bear in mind that the requirements for the tile here are somewhat different from those that apply to it when finishing the bathroom. This is explained by the fact that because of cooking, the environment in the kitchen is more aggressive.

    Here and temperature drops when turning on and off the stove; and plaque on surfaces is formed not only from water, but also from splashing of oil and fat; and the �dirt� on the walls and floors can be of a different shade, so in addition you have to think about which tile color to choose so that the drips are less noticeable. All these nuances must be considered. So before choosing a tile for kitchen walls in appearance, make sure that it suits you in quality - check the following list.

    1. Resistant to moisture. In principle, the approach is the same as in the bathroom - something always boils on the stove, and the tile must successfully withstand water.
    2. Impact resistance. In the kitchen, the wall is often touched with something, and if the lining is fragile, it will not last long.
    3. Resistance to chemicals.Wipe the walls, spattered with grease, will have to use detergents and cleaners. Therefore, if a tile with a weak �resistance�, an attractive appearance, it will not be different for long.
    4. Thinking about what tile to choose for the kitchen, give preference to the lighter options. They hold on to the wall more firmly, so there is less risk that your lining will fall under its own weight.
    5. And finally, the strength of the coating. They wipe and clean the tiles in the kitchen more often than anywhere else, so that with low wear resistance, it will quickly lose presentability.

    Tile size and its value

    If you do not know how to choose the tile depending on its size, take into account the following considerations:

    1. if its area is large, put it much easier and faster. Moreover, it will also be much easier to wash it, because the seams where dirt is being driven are much smaller;
    2. on the other hand, small tiles, on the sidelines, creates more comfort and looks more neat. When using it, it is possible to create collages and patterns, which is also important. Yes, and under its own weight, it is unlikely to fall away.

    Floor tiles

    In the utility rooms (toilet, kitchen, bathroom or shower), tile is the ideal choice. And in all such rooms in thought, what tile to choose on the floor, first of all, preference should be given to non-slip - everything else is secondary. Treat injuries do not like anyone. So you have to take into account certain requirements that must meet the floor tiles. To choose it correctly, you need to follow some tips.

    1. As for wall tiles, the main requirement is increased resistance to chemicals. The floor suffers from pollution, it is usually washed with abrasives or aggressive agents, so it should not give in to them.
    2. Before you choose a ceramic tile on the floor, ask about the weight that it can withstand. Often in the kitchen are dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and washing machine - and in the aggregate, they weigh quite a lot. I would not want the tile to start cracking under the total weight.

    Tile in front of the house

    If you are lucky to have housing in a separate building, there is probably a playground nearby - at least the entrance to the courtyard or parking space.And so that the whole complex of your manor would look beautiful and harmonious, you will have to think about how to choose paving slabs in order to improve the space in front of the house. There are several reliable signs.

    1. Gently hit two tiles. If a melodic ringing is heard, the tile is dry, structural, and can be laid.
    2. The color is not too bright, that is, an excessive amount of pigment is not included in the composition, which lowers the strength and impact resistance of the elements.
    3. The color is uniform throughout the volume, as seen on the fault.
    4. The surface is flat and smooth, without cracks, chips, bubbles and chirping.

    If you follow all these rules - you have a quality tile that will last for many years, during which the area in front of the house will be even and beautiful.

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