• How to choose a walk-behind tractor?

    Long gone are the days when a man, while working the land, could only rely on himself. Today, a great number of machines have been developed to help agronomists: various cultivators, motor-cultivators, motor-blocks, pumps, sprayers, and so on. It is hard to imagine how people used to do without all this. In this article we will talk about one of the most useful machines in the economy - the motoblock. In our article we will look in detail at how to choose a walk-behind tractor, according to what characteristics and criteria they are divided.

    What is a walk-behind tractor

    Motoblock is the most functional in the household machine. Depending on the type and capacity chosen, it is able to solve such tasks:

    • Tillage mowing grass
    • Snow removal
    • Cargo transportation
    • Generator
    • Sawing boards
    • Water pump

    Motoblock can also be called a type of tractor. By the way, until the 80s of the last century it was called it - a pedestrian tractor. It consists of the following elements: control system, aggregation system, transmission, running gear, engine.

    What tillers are

    These units are divided into three classes: light, heavy and medium.

    • In heavy tillers the most powerful engine, as well as a large mass. If you decide to buy, but do not know how to choose a walk-behind tractor, decide, first of all, for what purposes you purchase it.
    • Light and medium units are popular in domestic conditions. Their weight does not exceed 100 kg, and the engine power is not more than eight horsepower. Possibilities of application are not as wide as in heavy motoblocks.
    • In addition to power, these machines of different classes differ in configuration. Minimum of removable elements in light models: cutters and, in some cases, hillers.
    • Semi-trailer, hiller, removable wheels, tillage mills, harrow, plow, mower - all this, as a rule, is attached to the middle class motor blocks.
    • But the heavy-duty units have in their arsenal a snowplow, a cultivator, a harrow, a dozer blade, a mower, a rake, a semi-trailer, a plow, a mill, which is driven by a power take-off shaft.

    Despite this, the buyer can purchase some necessary components separately from the motor-block.

    As we have said, heavy tillers solve much more tasks in the household and weigh over 100 kilograms. There is one more difference between lighter and heavy tillers. The design of the first is equipped with a gearbox with one rear and front speeds. And the latter have a real gearbox.

    Considering how to choose the right tiller, you should pay attention to an additional criterion - the area of the treated surface. So, a lightweight model with a covered width of 0.6 m should be purchased for a plot of no more than 20 acres. For an area of up to 60 acres, the best option would be a motoblock with a covered width of 0.8 m.

    Import or domestic manufacturer

    This choice is to be made to every customer. All are guided by different parameters, but often the main one and the decisive is the price. The products of a domestic manufacturer are attractive with low prices, but the quality often leaves much to be desired. Saving once on the unit, you overpay a few more times, buying new components. So if you want to make a really profitable purchase, fork out on an imported walk-behind tractor.

    Although in defense of our manufacturers, one feature of operation can be noted: tillers of foreign manufacturers will not work well on low-quality gasoline, whereas our engines are less sensitive. Most of the tillers work on gasoline, while spending at most about three liters per hour (meaning the most powerful engines).

    So, let's summarize before you decide which one to buy. The first thing you have to decide is for what purpose you are purchasing the unit, what tasks it should perform. This will allow you to find out which components will fit into the model you need. At the same time, it is important to inquire about the availability of additional components or main components in your region in case of a breakdown. But such a mechanism as a gearbox must be repaired - in which case, it will save you money and nerves. Do not forget to ask about the warranty period, service centers and service repair of the selected model of motorbike.

    With the right approach to the purchase of the unit, you will get a loyal assistant. And any work on the housework will be done much easier and faster.Now you know all about how to choose the right walker for various household purposes. This will help you make the right choice for the combination of price and quality. We wish you a happy shopping.

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