• How to choose baby puree

    Read the composition of the product. High-quality babymashed potatoesshould not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers and stabilizers, artificial flavors and colors. The absence of preservatives in the product indicates a short shelf life. The presence of sugar in baby food is allowed, but not welcome. The product must contain a minimum amount of spices, kids do not tolerate them well.
    Do not buymashed potatoes, which includes soy. Chances are that it may be genetically modified (GMO).
    Verify child matchingmashed potatoesage group to which your baby belongs. Be sure to look at the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product.
    If you want to buy a baby fruitmashed potatoes, then give preference to fruits grown in your area. Start with carrots and apples. After the baby is one year old, carefully add to his diet.mashed potatoesfrom exotic fruits. Do not buy a mixture of different fruits. First takemashed potatoesfrom one type, and over time, try to mix different vegetables or fruits.
    Pay attention to the cooking methodmashed potatoes. The label "termized" means that the product is manufactured at a high temperature. The advantage of termized baby food is a long shelf life, but it has fewer vitamins and nutrients.
    Carefully inspect the packaging, it should not be deformed. Even minor dents or cracks indicate a violation of the rules of storage products. Fruitmashed potatoesbetter to buy in a glass jar, as it is the most environmentally friendly packaging. The packaging should be airtight; when opening the can you should hear cotton.
    Before givingmashed potatoesbaby, try it yourself. A strong smell and unpleasant taste - a reason to refuse this product. If all of the above conditions are met - you can safely buy the product!

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