• How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    So, we continue to change our own lives for the better, and our website will be able to help us with this. If you choose a special induction cooker for the kitchen, you can learn about all its advantages and disadvantages in one of our headings. After you have purchased an induction cooker, it is worthwhile to sort out and pick up special dishes for it. In this article, we will try to understand the question of what kind of dishes can be used for an induction cooker. And since cooking is the vocation of girls, pay attention to the article on how to choose a dress. After all, you need to be able to not only cook well, but also look great.


    Which dishes are suitable for induction cookers.



    Recall how the induction cooker works, it starts working after the dishes, which have a special ferromagnetic property, are leaning against it.

    How to check the dishes for ferrimagnetic properties? It is quite simple to do this; you just need to bring an ordinary magnet to the bottom of the dish, the magnet should stick.

    From this we can understand that dishes that are made of copper, porcelain, ceramics, glass and aluminum without a ferrimagnetic layer will not suit us.

    For induction cookers, you can use dishes from the following materials: stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum with a ferrimagnetic layer.

    How to choose dishes for induction cookers: material and manufacturers.

    So, you have decided how much you need to buy new pots, pans and what volume, as well as other dishes that will be placed on the induction cooker. And you begin to search for dishes in various stores.


    What you need to know about how to choose the right dishes for induction cooker?



    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    • The bottom of the cookware for the plates must be at least twelve centimeters in diameter, this is necessary so that the contact area with the stove is optimal.
    • The thickness of the bottom of the cookware for induction cookers should be 2 - 6 millimeters.
    • Many dishwasher manufacturers apply special labeling to their products.
    • The average price range is three thousand for one pan, and for the pan you will have to pay about four thousand.
    • Cookware designed for induction cookers, also suitable for use on conventional plates.




    How should choose the material of dishes for such plates? Consider, for example, two dishes from different materials ("stainless steel" and cast iron).


    Minuses of cast-iron dishes:


    • Such dishes are pretty heavy.
    • In this dish is not recommended to cook sour food.
    • Pig-iron dishes are capable of absorbing odors due to the porous surface (if you decide to purchase cast-iron dishes, experts advise choosing dishes with a smoother surface).
    • Such dishes are quite fragile, it can break when dropped.
    • If there is no enamel layer on cast-iron dishes, then such dishes will rust.


    Positive sides of cast-iron dishes:


    • Durable.
    • Food cooked in cast iron remains warm for a long time.
    • The food will not get a lot of harmful substances, as in the cast iron pot they simply do not.


    Cons of stainless steel cookware.


    • In such dishes, food burns.
    • In the "stainless steel" is nickel, it is able to cause an allergic reaction.


    The positive side of the dishes from the "stainless steel":


    • Resistant to oxidation.
    • When cooking in such dishes, all the useful properties of food remain.
    • Food in such dishes can be stored in the refrigerator.


    Manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers.



    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    How to choose cookware for induction cooker

    How should choose the dishes for induction cookers and not get confused in the brands of manufacturers? Currently, the market offers a huge selection of such dishes, we will try to disassemble several manufacturers of special cookware for induction cookers.

    It is worth noting the German company Fissler - this company produces stylish, ergonomic, high-quality dishes. In addition to pots and pans, the company also has braziers, woks and pressure cookers. Prices for the products of this company are quite high.

    Another German company is Woll. It produces cast dishes with a non-stick titanium – ceramic coating. The thickness of the bottom in such dishes is ten millimeters. The company also produces buckets, stewpots of various shapes.

    These two manufacturers are suitable for people for whom quality is important, not economy.

    If you still decide to buy cast-iron dishes, then you should pay attention to the products of Hackman.This is a Finnish metalware company, a company that has existed for many years and produces high-quality goods. Hackman offers a large selection of cast iron cookware.

    The problem, “what kind of dishes to buy and save at the same time” is quite simple to solve.

    Well-known French company Tefal offers its customers a huge selection of dishes at affordable prices. When choosing cookware, always consider whether it is suitable for your induction cooker. It is worth mentioning several brands of this company, which are made specifically for induction cookers: Pro Series, Privilege Pro, Classica Inox, 4U Inox.

    The Czech company Tescoma offers dishes for induction cookers with a special stainless steel bottom, prices for such dishes are about two thousand.

    We hope that you have understood a lot from this article about what kind of dishes to choose for induction cookers.

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