• How to pick up makeup?

    The right makeup is always harmoniously complement the image you created. There are cases when even the most beautiful girl may look ridiculous after applying cosmetics. To prevent this from happening, let's take a closer look at how to choose the right makeup. First of all, you need to determine your own color type and, starting from this, select the colors that suit you.

    Types of appearance

    • Summer - the main feature of women with the same type of appearance is white or marble skin, sometimes with blue tint. Sunburn on such skin falls easily and has a nutty shade. Sometimes there are freckles that have a brown-gray tint. Hair color includes all shades from ashy to light brown, as well as natural mouse color. Eye color can be either light blue or gray-green or gray-blue. Sometimes the eyes may have a shade of brown, then this color type is considered “exotic summer”.
      Makeup: summer
    • Winter - this type is characterized by skin of olive or transparent blue color, as well as marble or white.About such skin is often said - porcelain-cold. In the summer on it badly lays down and suntan keeps. Hair of this color type can be: black, marengo, as well as brown with an ash tint. The color of the eyes is always clear and clear: blue, black, green and brown.
      Makeup: winter
    • Spring - is characterized by a thin, transparent and fair skin with a slight shade of peach. Freckles can often be seen on it. The hair has a natural wheat color, as well as a golden or light brown shade. Eye color includes all shades of green, blue, sometimes greenish-brown and golden brown, as well as chameleons. "Spring exotic" type are blondes with brown eyes.
      Makeup: Spring
    • Autumn - women of this type have red-brown skin, sometimes with a golden or yellowish sheen. This skin is very sensitive to the sun and quickly burns, and can also have red freckles. Hair is brown, blond, red or copper, but always with a slightly reddish tint. The eyes have one characteristic feature - the color of the iris of a non-uniform color with splashes. The color scheme is kare-green, kare-yellow, natural brown, and sometimes there is a light blue tint.
      Makeup: Autumn

    After you decide on the type of appearance, you should think about what makeup to choose, namely for what occasion. Day makeup is usually discreet and does not attract undue attention. It is usually considered sufficient to apply a tone, mascara and soft lipstick or a simple lip gloss. If you wish, of course you can emphasize the eyes or lips, the main thing is not to overdo it.

    Evening make-up presupposes the predominance of darker shades of cosmetics, but necessarily combined with your color type. Perfect saturated colors and bright, the main thing is not to overstep the line of vulgarity. Always remember that only one element can be brightly highlighted: either the eyes or the lips. Going on a date, it is recommended to highlight the eyes, because according to statistics, most men first of all see the girl's eyes, and only then everything else.


    The eyes of the interlocutor - this is the first thing we notice when meeting or meeting. After all, we are looking for signs of love or hostility in them. To make your eyes not only beautiful, but also fascinating, let's look at how to choose eye makeup based on your color type.

    • Bright and intense colors, as well as smoky, non-uniform and delicate colors are perfect for summer color type. Shades of gray-blue, smoky blue, greenish and silver hues will always look advantageous.
    • Tsvetotip winter suggests contrasting, intense, bright and clean colors. The perfect decoration for the eyes will be the shadows of dark green, blue and various shades of purple.
    • Spring color type involves the use of warm and fresh tones in the make-up. Various shades of sky-blue, salmon, light purple, emerald, cream, and the color of young foliage are perfect for the eyes.
    • When making a fall color type, it is recommended to use all warm shades of autumn colors. The shades of mustard, golden-red, yellow-beige and amber will look very harmonious.


    Catching up on the question of how to choose makeup, you should not forget about the choice of cosmetics. Ideally, it is recommended to use a single line of cosmetics. First of all, you should pay attention to the assortment of any one company.Most likely, you can easily choose among the large selection of tubes of lipsticks, tonal bases and boxes with shadows the color palette you need, especially if you know your own scale. It is also not difficult to find makeup online after determining which makeup option you need: business, extravagant, evening or everyday.

    When choosing a tonal basis, remember that for most women the darkest and lightest tone is absolutely not suitable, as they are extreme. It is necessary to choose the tone in daylight, having defined which of the presented tones are warm and which are cold. Many make-up artists consider it wrong to check the tone on the hand, since there the skin is usually paler. The best thing is to check on the skin of the forehead. If you still have doubts, then at this time, some sites on the Internet help to choose makeup for free, starting from the tone and ending with lipstick.

    Another point when choosing makeup is lighting the place where you are going to go. Neon lamps or a cloudy day suggest the presence of cold shades in the makeup.In bright light bulbs or sunny weather, it is recommended to use warm colors. To pick up a make-up from a photo on the Internet for any case is not difficult.

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